Mojito cocktail for a party.

Mojito cocktail.

Mojito cocktail for a party.

Recipes drinks at home.

Mojito cocktail. The main ingredients of this wonderful drink: rum, sugar, lime, mint and pop. Amazing sweetness of the neighborhood, acid lime and fresh mint leaves no one indifferent. This is what the flowers assigned to the affectionate fortress were asking for.

The classic recipe for Mojito.

We will need:
Mint leaves;
60 ml white rum;
a little brown sugar.


Squeeze the lime juice into sugar, sure hand. Gently tear mint leaves, put in a tall glass. On top put the ice, we prefer to split, though, it is believed that the ice cube looks more impressive. Pour into a glass of rum and soda.

Mojito cocktail.


Watermelon Mojito at home.

Ingredients for cooking:

Of course, the main component of this drink will be pulp of watermelon in an amount of 0.5 kg;
rum - 50 ml;
lime juice - 20 ml;
sugar - 200 grams;
water - 1 glass;
soda or soda;
mint - 6-7 branches;

We start to prepare:

Prepare the sugar syrup by dissolving the sugar in the indicated amount of water. Cool the syrup before using it.

Grind the melon pulp with a blender. At the bottom of the glass, put a few mint leaves, stir them well.

In this glass, add the crushed watermelon and mix it with mint. Pour in rum, 20 mg of cooked and cooled sugar syrup, and also lime juice.

Pour the contents of the glass into the shaker. Add ice and shake the cocktail well. Drink from a shaker pour into a glass, add soda or soda.

Decorate a glass with a cocktail with mint leaves and serve.

Knowing the recipes for alcoholic mojito at home, you can enjoy the pleasant taste of this drink and give yourself and your family a festive mood.
And having excluded from the recipe its alcoholic component, such cocktail it is possible to please and detok.
Do not be afraid of experiments, adjust the sweetness and strength of the drink yourself. Also, use it when preparing your favorite fruits and berries. Each time you will be delighted with its original refreshing taste.

Mojito cocktail..

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