Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream.

Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream.

Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream.

Piquant chocolate ice cream with hot pepper and coffee.


2 tbsp. fat cream,
1 tbsp. milk,
3 tbsp cocoa powder,
100 g dark or milk chocolate,
Incomplete Art. Sahara,
2 tsp cinnamon,
A pinch of salt,
A pinch of hot pepper (optional),
0.5 tsp instant coffee,
6 egg yolks, slightly beaten,
1 tsp vanilla.

Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream.


1. Heat 1 tbsp. cream until almost boiling, add chocolate and melt it.

2. Separately, mix a second glass of cream and the rest of the ingredients except milk and yolks. Put on a slow fire to heat up.

3. In a bowl, mix milk and egg yolks, beat thoroughly, and sprinkle in a thin stream into the mixture, which is heated. Constantly stirring, bring our cream almost to a boil, but do not boil.

4. Remove from heat, let cool slightly. Then mix with the chocolate mixture. Stir thoroughly with a spatula.

5. Put the ice cream in a mold, allow to cool. Then put in the freezer for half an hour. After half an hour, remove, mix. Put it back in the cold.

6. And so do another 2-3 times until the ice cream hardens.

Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream.


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