Mermaid Salad.

Mermaid Salad.

Mermaid Salad.

Ingredients (2 servings):

Tuna in its own juice - 120 g,
Tomato - 100 g,
Sweet pepper - 40 g,
Quail eggs - 5 pcs. (or 1 chicken),
Salad onion - 20 g,
Salad - 50 g,
Canned White Beans - 120 g,
Parsley - optional.


Vegetable oil - 30 g
Wine Vinegar - 15 g
Salt, black pepper - to taste.

Mermaid Salad.

Salad making:

1. Tuna with forks to divide into small pieces.

2. Cut the pepper and onion into strips, the tomato into thin slices, the eggs in half.

3. Tear the salad with your hands or cut with a knife.

4. Mix and season the salad dressing ingredients.

5. In a salad bowl combine salad, beans, tuna, onion and pepper. Add half the dressing, mix.

6. Put half of the mixed portion on a plate, top with tomatoes, eggs, parsley, pour over the remaining dressing and serve.

Mermaid Salad.


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