Meringue is classic.

Meringue is classic.

Meringue is classic.

Meringue, meringue - from a French baiser - kiss. Delicate dessert, so beloved by many. But so insidious because it is very high-calorie.

Today we are preparing the usual, simplest meringue. All you need is to be patient, because we will beat for a long time and hard 🙂 The most important thing for us is to beat egg whites GOOD !!!

I already wrote in one of the recipes that the proteins always beat me, even if the yolk got in them, even if the eggs are at room temperature (like today, for example), even if the eggs are not of the first freshness, even if I do not use salt  even if today a solar and lunar eclipse 🙂

If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to use fresh eggs, perfectly clean utensils for whipping, put a whisk in the freezer and make sure that the yolk does not get into the protein in any case.


Egg whites - 3 pcs.
Sugar (icing sugar) - 180 g
Lemon juice - 1 tsp

Step by step recipe.

To prepare a classic meringue, we will prepare the products according to the list.

If you have a kitchen machine - this is an absolute plus! Because whipping squirrels in a strong foam is a long matter. So, we pour the squirrels into the bowl. Beat a little. When they begin to bubble, add lemon juice. It is advisable not to stop the whipping process.

Then, continuing to whisk, add sugar powder one spoonful. Sugar is possible, but watch for the grains to completely dissolve.

You will need about 15 minutes for the whole process. Squirrels should be whipped as shown in the photo. If you remove the whisk, then there will be such a "beak" that perfectly holds its shape and does not fall.
We collect the mixture - it holds its shape perfectly, does not spread.

We spread the mixture in a cooking bag and place it on a baking sheet covered with parchment. If there is no culinary bag, you can take a regular bag, cut off a corner, fill it and plant meringues. Or you can just spoon.

We dry in an oven preheated to 90-110 degrees for an hour and a half. Why such a temperature variation? Because at someone at 90 degrees meringue is dry after an hour, while at someone like me, for example, only at 110 degrees it dries, and does not languish for hours.

There is a convection oven, use it.

Nobody forbids you to open the oven door and follow the process, you can even touch bezeshki :-), we don’t bake a biscuit 🙂

Classic meringue is ready. It is well off parchment, does not stick. The bottom, as you see, is not burnt. Meringues are very tender.

Meringue is classic.


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