Medovik with sour cream.

Medovik with sour cream.

Medovik with sour cream.

Medovik with sour cream, prunes and walnuts.

Give me a will, cook only a sod!)) This is one of your favorite recipes, very old (you can even understand from the photo) and a proven recipe. Delicious, fragrant honey cakes, supplemented with sour cream, with a filling of walnuts and prunes. The cake just melts in your mouth!

The recipe for cakes can be found here.

• Preparation: 40 m
• Preparation: 20 m
• Servings: 6 servings


Honey cakes: 6 pieces.
Black tea: 1 sachet.
Sugar: 2 tsp.

Sour Cream: 400 gr.
Sugar: 2-3 tablespoons. (or to taste)


Walnuts: 100-120 gr.
Prunes: 100 gr.

Medovik with sour cream


1. Brew tea with sugar, you can take leaf tea, you can experiment with the taste of Earl Gray, for example, all at your discretion. I love impregnation without additives, this time I put in a tea, a slice of lemon.

2. Sour cream, it should be well chilled, combine with sugar, and preferably with powdered sugar.

3. We beat the sour cream with a mixer at a high speed until it thickens. At me sour cream very fat more than 35% of fat content precisely. You can replace sour cream with cream or make 50/50 of both. In case you will combine sour cream with cream, whisk each product separately and then mix with a spatula.

4. Nuts 100 gr. We grind in a blender.

5. Prunes are soaked in hot water, you may need slightly less prunes, it all depends on your taste preferences.

6. Cut the scraps from the cakes a little drying in the oven and combine with walnuts 20-30 gr, well grind.

7. It turns out such a small crumb, almost dust. With this crumb we will sprinkle the finished cake.

8. Put the first cake on a plate and soak it with tea using a culinary brush or spoon, do not regret impregnation.

9. Lubricate the cake with cream.

10. Sprinkle the cream with chopped walnuts.

11. We put the second cake on the cream and also soak it, grease it with cream and put the steamed, squeezed, sliced ​​prunes into pieces.

12. Thus we act with all the cakes, cream and stuffing. The last cake is soaked and lubricated with cream.

13. Cake is leveled with the help of a spaul or a knife with a large blade and put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

14. A lightly cooled cake is well sprinkled with crumbs, primed crumbs with your hands to the cake.

15. We put the cake in the refrigerator for impregnation for at least 4 hours, preferably at night.
Cake served for tea, coffee, cut into parts and enjoy))

Medovik with sour cream.


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