Mediterranean tartlets.

Mediterranean tartlets.

Mediterranean tartlets.

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Rectangles of puff pastry, stuffing — tomatoes, salami, anchovies, olives, basil. Mediterranean tartlets. You can be served as a snack or a light meal with a green salad.

1) Heat oven to 200 ° C. Roll out the dough in a layer thickness of 5 mm. The edges of the trim.

The dough is cut neat rectangles hectares. To oil a little baking.

Transfer the dough semi-finished products at a short distance from each other. Spend on the edges with a sharp knife each rectangle line, 1 cm and pull back the dough is not fully cut.

2) tomatoes cut into neat slices. Cut the anchovies in half lengthwise. on the rectangles of dough spread out randomly anchovies, tomatoes, salami slices, sprinkle with black olives, pepper, drizzle with olive oil (a few drops).

Brush with beaten egg tartlets edge. Bake for 20 minutes, the dough should be well up and become golden. Torn basil leaves decorate. Tartlets serve at room temperature.


500 g — ready puff pastry with butter;
200 g — salami (cut into thin slices);
16 pcs. — Anchovy fillets (oil drain);
6 pcs. — Dense ripe tomatoes medium size;
a handful of olives;
freshly ground black pepper;
1 PC. — Egg (whip);
olive oil for spraying with;
basil leaves for decoration.

Mediterranean tartlets.


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