Meatballs in a double boiler.

Meatballs in a double boiler.

Meatballs in a double boiler.

How to cook meatballs in a double boiler. Cutlets from minced chicken recipe.

One of the most convenient and fastest way of culinary processing of products considered to be cooking for a couple.
Food cooked in a double boiler, do not contain extra calories and get useful and juicy.
A couple of hands you can cook any dish. Especially tasty and tender cutlets are obtained.

How to cook the burgers on a double boiler?

Cutlets from minced chicken recipe.

Easy and simple as it is quite fast and easy way.

Meatballs in a double boiler.

To prepare the burgers, we need to prepare all the necessary ingredients:

half a kilogram of chicken,
one cup of cooked rice,
120 ml. milk,
one egg,
one onion,
a little fresh dill and parsley,
black pepper and salt.

Let us proceed. A meat grinder or food processor skips chicken.
Mix the minced meat with boiled rice. Thoroughly mix. Clear the onion and cut it into small cubes.

Parsley and dill wash under cold running water and finely cut up into. Adding all the stuffing and mix.
Further, minced introduce the milk, egg, sprinkle with spices and mix thoroughly.

Lepim cutlets in the usual way and lay them in a single layer on the grill steamer. Cook for thirty minutes.
For garnish you can submit vegetables or potatoes.

Meatballs in a double boiler.

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