Marzipan. A simple recipe for a fragrant dessert.

Today we will share with you the secret of how to make marzipan at home. Marzipan is a plastic and soft almond mass, which you can use for filling various culinary products, as well as for decorating these very products. Working with marzipan is easy and interesting, especially for children - it really looks like plasticine, there really is where to unfold childhood fantasies!

Make marzipan at home is simple enough - you will need only almonds and sugar. Adding various components in marzipan - ground nuts, dried fruits, candied fruits, cocoa - you can easily diversify the recipe and get a new taste of this wonderful natural dessert. And with the help of food colorings or fruit and vegetable juices create new elegant colors and shades.


We need the following ingredients:

• 130 g of almonds,
• 150 g of sugar,
• 70 ml of water,
• 2 drops of flavor (almond essence, cognac, liquor.

How to cook marzipan:

1. For preparation of marzipan mass, use non-roasted almonds.

2. With almonds you need to remove the skin. To do this, the nuts are soaked in water for at least 1 hour or they are poured with boiling water for 2 minutes. Then the skin from them is easily removed.

3. Dry nuts and brew them in a blender or coffee grinder to mash, as small as possible.

4. Cook the sugar syrup. Its density should be such that a soft ball can be rolled out of a drop of syrup. Track and do not overcook the syrup to the state of caramel.

5. In the syrup place the almonds and add a drop of flavor to your discretion. To strengthen the faint smell of almonds, select the almond essence. Cognac or liquor will add more noble notes.

6. Cook the marzipan mass on low heat, stirring, until a thick consistency of 2-3 minutes. If marzipan crumbles and crumbles, add a little more water. As a result, you will get a fat, plastic and pliable mass.

7. Lay the marzipan on a flat surface, form a ball or sausage and you can use it for the purpose in the culinary process or embark on the creative work of creating figurines.

8. Store marzipan should be wrapped in a food film, tk. on air it quickly hardens. Enjoy your creativity and appetite!


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