Mandarin in chocolate.

Mandarin in chocolate.

Mandarin in chocolate.

Holiday dessert ideas. What can you make from the main winter fruit? Because you can cook juicy mandarin jam, bake a delicious cake, and you can make a charming candy, which is very fond of children.

To do this, the "fast" goodies need all three products. If your child is still very small, use is not bitter, and milk chocolate. And if you fast, useful vegetable oil and dark chocolate instead of animal fat and sugary dairy tiles.

Mandarin in chocolate.

Ingredients for the recipe.

seedless mandarins - 5-6 pieces,
chocolate or couverture 50% cocoa - 125 g,
butter - 2 tbsp. l. (Vegetable oil can be used).

What is couverture? You may be using this specially prepared for the purposes of confectionery chocolate glaze.

It is even more plastic and aesthetic prepare chocolate desserts more comfortable with it - get smoother and more beautiful. However, instead of the use couverture chocolate is not critical. In addition, you can prepare chocolate glaze chocolate.

How to cook a tangerine in chocolate glaze.

Melt it in a water bath. Add the butter or vegetable oil, all mix well. If the mass obtained thickish, I usually add 2 tablespoons of condensed milk.
Mandarins peeled, divide into slices, throw white fibers.

Immerse slices mandarin liquid chocolate inverted several times to evenly coat all chocolate. Carefully take out, being careful not to puncture the Mandarin, so as not to sap flowed. Spread on parchment paper and leave for an hour, to glaze froze.

Little secret. If you do not couverture, and an ordinary bar of chocolate, grease the parchment with a thin layer of vegetable oil, then the slices do not stick to the paper.

Harvesting in the refrigerator. Do not keep more than 3 days. That's all, fast and delicious.

Small first aid kit for my family.

Tangerines - a citrus with all the consequences: with vitamin C and support the body during cold and seasonal SARS. Useful in bronchitis and heart diseases. Nutritionists advise to eat a tangerine to 3 a day, but in my family to get more.

Chocolate - another favorite product. I am glad that it has more beneficial than harmful. Chocolate increases efficiency, eliminates seasonal melancholy and lethargy.

Dissolving only one small piece of chocolate, you can eliminate a sore throat and cough.
Well, as they then refuse to use? Bon Appetit!

Mandarin in chocolate.

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