Liquor Bailey’s.

Liquor Bailey's.

Liquor Bailey's.

Homemade Baileys is an unusually tasty, rich drink made from cream, condensed milk, vodka, coffee and egg yolks.
I needed Bailey's liqueur to prepare the filling for one of my sweets. Real original liquor is expensive, it’s impractical to buy it for candies, so I had to think about an adequate replacement.

Of course, a home-made drink does not repeat the original, this is evidenced by at least a huge number of different recipes for home-made Bailey's. It is difficult to say which of them is closest to the original, but the option that I offer is delicious, affordable, and you will enjoy using this drink.

We are advised to take cream sparse, I used 10 percent. Eggs must be fresh and from a trusted manufacturer. Condensed milk should be tried to buy high-quality, instant coffee should also be good.

Liquor Bailey's.


Vodka - 250 ml
Cream 10% - 200 ml
Egg yolks - 2 pcs.
Vanilla sugar - 1 tbsp.
Instant coffee - 1 tsp
Condensed milk - 0.5 cans.

Liquor Bailey's.

Step by step recipe.

First, put the egg yolks in a bowl. Add condensed milk and vanilla sugar to them. With a mixer we bring everything to a homogeneous mass.

Add coffee, mix. Grains of coffee will not all dissolve, but there is nothing to worry about: after adding vodka, the coffee will dissolve. Add cream, mix.

And finally, add vodka. We mix everything. If there are any coffee beans that have not dissolved, then let the mass pass through a sieve.

Pour liquor into a decanter or a bottle and put in the refrigerator,
so that he insists for several hours.

After that, you can use it, both independently and as part of cocktails, desserts, etc.

The best cream liqueur recipe

List of ingredients

1. Alcohol base (40-45 degrees) - 500 ml
2. Cream (10%) - 500 ml
3. Egg yolks - 4 pcs.
4. Condensed milk - 380 g
5. Instant coffee - 1 tbsp. a spoon
6. Liquid caramelized sugar - 4 tbsp. spoons
7. Honey - 1 tbsp. a spoon
8. Vanilla sugar - 40 g
9. Ground ginger - 2 g
10. Grated nutmeg - 1/3 pcs.
11. Ground cinnamon - 1 pinch
12. Ground oak bark - 1 pinch

Cooking method

Honey, caramel, spices and 20 g of vanilla sugar pour alcohol. For four days, insist in a cool dark place, and then strain through a gauze-cotton filter. Beat cream with yolks with a mixer, gradually adding the remaining sugar, condensed milk, coffee and strained tincture. Bottled result and send for a week in the refrigerator for final ripening.

How much is homemade Baileys stored

Thanks to preservatives, the shelf life of corked home-made creamy liquors with condensed milk reaches six months. If the drink was prepared without the mentioned product, it is better to drink it within a week. Open containers, in either case, are strongly recommended to be emptied immediately.

Many are also interested in whether it is possible to drink expired Beilis liquor (in the sense, real). In this case, the answer will be definitely positive. In particular, it is even rumored that employees of R. A. Bailey & co often sort out expired products at home.

How to drink Baileys

Any creamy liquor, including homemade, can be consumed in several ways.

1. In its pure form: a drink at room temperature (if desired, with a pair of ice cubes), from conical liqueur glasses (25-50 g), at the final stage of the meal.

2. By adding to unsweetened black coffee or hot chocolate.

3. Mixing with stronger drinks: whiskey, vodka, brandy, rum or gin.

4. As a component of numerous cocktails that do not contain any juices, carbonated and mineral drinks (otherwise, the cream will be clotted corny).

How to snack creamy liquor

Since we are dealing with a sweet digestif, the snack to it should belong to the category of desserts. Accordingly, the best answer to the question: “why drink Beylis-like drinks?” Will be sweet fruits and berries, fruit salads, ice cream, marshmallows, sweet cottage cheese, peanuts, cookies, chocolate and other similar goodies.

The main thing is not to forget that the sweetness and softness of creamy liquor has nothing to do with its strength, so it should be drunk in moderation and a little bit.

Liquor Bailey's.

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