Lazy Achma.

Lazy Achma.

Lazy Achma.

Baking at home recipes. Very simple, but incredible delicious recipe for cooking achma, even if "lazy."

It seems to me that one can not but love. This is an incredibly tasty dish of cheese. But what if the dough is cooked is an insurmountable difficulty for you, especially if you are a man?) It does not matter, there is a wonderful recipe, it is also incredibly tasty, yet very simple.

To prepare lazy accha from lavash with kefir, take the food in the list.


Lavash large - 2 pcs.
Cheese of Adyghe - 300 g
Cheese hard (grated) - 3 tbsp.
Kefir or matzoni - 300 g
Egg of chicken - 2 pcs.
Salt and pepper - to taste and at will

Cooking process

Adyghe and hard cheeses need to be rubbed on a large grater.
Egg whipped beat, add kefir and continue whipping until smooth.

The bottom of the baking dish is paved with lavash crosswise so that the pita bread hangs around the edges.
Lubricate the pita with egg-kefiric filling.

Generously sprinkle with Adyghe cheese, on top put a little hard cheese.
Cover the layer of cheese with lavash. Repeat the layers several times. I got three layers with a shape of 20 cm in length.

Cover the last layer with the dangling edges of the pita.
Pour the upper part of Achma with the remains of egg-kefir mass. Preheat oven to 180 degrees and bake

lazy acmma in upper and lower heating mode for 10 minutes. Then turn on the convection and redden the achema for another 10 minutes.

A ready lazy acmu from lavash with kefir to cool and serve.
Before serving cut into portions. Lazy achma is ready for tasting.

Lazy Achma.

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