Layered cakes.

Layered cakes.

Layered cakes.

Air chocolate biscuits with cream is the cross-seductive fun! Layered cakes.


for the preparation of test products:

• 3 eggs;
• Light brown sugar - 75 g;
• Flour - 75 g;
• Cocoa powder (sieve) - 1 tbsp. l.;
• 25 g butter (melted and cool);

For the cream and decorations:

• Heavy Cream - 225 ml;
• 1 tbsp. l. dessert chocolate or nut pastes;
• 2 h. L. Rum, brandy or orange liqueur;
• powdered sugar for sprinkling;
• chocolate curls.


• baking tray with molds for 12 muffins or 2 baking 6 rolls.

Cooking method:

1. Preheat the oven to 190 ° C. Put a large bowl with the eggs and sugar in a water bath. Whisk the mass of lush thick light cream. When lifting the corolla of it will reach the thick snake. Remove from the water bath and beat a couple of minutes, until the bottom of the tank to cool down.

2. Sift the top half of the flour with the cocoa and mix gently. Enter half the cooled melted butter, then re-add the remaining flour with cocoa, then - the rest of the oil. Spread the batter evenly into the grooves on a baking sheet and bake for 12-15 minutes, until the biscuits will not be tight to the touch. Let cool 5 minutes and then passed on to the grid and leave until cool.

3. For the cream, divide in half the cream. In one part to mix chocolate or peanut butter with alcohol. Whip the cream both parts separately in a thick mass, cover and keep in the refrigerator until use. Spread half the biscuits with chocolate cream, top with whipped cream. Cover with the second half of biscuits, sprinkle with powdered sugar, garnish with chocolate curls.


Half of the cream can be made with chocolate or hazelnut and coffee: Pour 2 tsp.. instant coffee 1 tbsp. l. boiling water, cool, and enter into the cream. As part of the cream to mix shredded on a fine grater zest of 1 orange.

Layered cakes.

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