Как избавиться от мешков под глазами.

Как избавиться от мешков под глазами.

  1.  Чтобы уменьшить отеки и улучшить кровообращение. Можно применять маску из 2 чайных ложек сметаны  и 1 чайной ложки мелко нарезанной петрушки. Хорошо помогают примочки из теплого картофеля, сваренного в мундире.
  2. Полезно прикладывать свежий картофель, натертый на мелкой терке. Полученную массу толстым слоем поместить на льняную салфетку. Наложить на веки закрытых глаз и подглазья.
  3. Мне очень нравится маска из смеси свеженатертого сырого картофеля, пшеничной муки и молока.

Все маски накладываются на 15 минут. Затем снять и обдать лицо прохладной водой.

Как избавиться от мешков под глазами.

10 useful foods for our beauty.

✔ 1. Egg white. Tightening the pores on the skin.
The egg white mask refreshes the skin and tightens enlarged pores.

✔ 2. Oatmeal. Moisturizing.
Oats are known for their moisturizing properties.
Mix some honey, lemon juice and add oatmeal, you get a face mask that moisturizes and soothes the skin. And you can wash your face with a pinch of oatmeal in your palm. The skin will be noticeably moisturized.

✔ 3. Food vinegar. Shine
Rinse your hair with vinegar instead of conditioner a couple of times a month and you will notice that your hair will shine and look better.

✔ 4. Honey and sugar. Moisturize and strengthen skin.
Mix honey and sugar, you get a body scrub that will exfoliate, moisturize and strengthen the skin.

✔ 5. Lemon. Lightening.
If you want to lighten hair strands during a beach holiday, mix lemon juice and water in a bottle and apply a little on your hair while relaxing in the sun. Some women use lemon juice to lighten age spots on their skin.
For people with sensitive skin, be careful with lemon juice.

10 useful foods for our beauty.

✔ 6. Coffee. Cellulite
Ground coffee can also be used as a body scrub, especially in the prevention of cellulite.

✔ 7. Tea bags. Bright eyes.
Put a couple of used black tea bags in your eyes for 10 minutes. This simple way works wonders, the eyes shine again!

✔ 8. Aspirin. Skin cleaning.
Mix a couple of aspirin tablets and a teaspoon of honey, apply on the face, avoiding the eye area, for 10 minutes, then rinse with circular motions. The skin will be renewed, redness will disappear.

✔ 9. Olive oil. Moisturizing.
Olive oil is a natural product that perfectly moisturizes the skin.
Olive oil can be added to the body scrub. With the help of olive oil you can remove makeup from the eyes, it dissolves cosmetics and moisturizes the skin.

✔ 10. Baking soda and strawberries. Teeth whitening
Mix 1 strawberry and half a teaspoon of baking soda to a slurry. Use a toothbrush to apply the mixture on the teeth for 5 minutes. Then brush your teeth, as usual, with toothpaste. If you use this method once a week, your teeth will gradually become a couple of shades whiter ..

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