Jellied tongue.

Jellied tongue.

Jellied tongue.

Easy snacks to make.


Beef tongue - 1 pc;
Bulb - 1 pc;
Bay leaf - 1 pc;
Gelatin 25 g;
pomegranate seeds for decoration.


1. Language pour 2 hours in cold water. Then wash. Put in a saucepan. Pour 1.5 liters of cold water. Boil. Remove the foam. Onions add bay leaf. Season with salt. Three hours to boil on low heat.

2. Ready to put language under a stream of cold water for a few minutes and remove the skin. Broth strain. The language put into the broth and let cool slightly. Soak gelatin in a small amount of cold water. Post a gelatin swell.

3. Gelatin squeeze. Dissolve the hot broth (200 ml). Pour in the remaining broth. The forms to pour a little broth and let stand in the refrigerator.

Then lay out the tongue, sliced, garnish with greens, carefully pour a little broth and again let stand in the refrigerator. Pour the remaining broth and remove the filler language in the fridge for 3 hours. The lodge is well aspic with horseradish. Before serving, decorate with pomegranate seeds snack.

Jellied tongue.

Filler eggs.


Calculation portions 10
Meat salted broth - 2 tablespoons.
Gelatin - 20 g.
Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc.
Canned corn - 50 oz.
Ham - 300 g.


Eggs will wash thoroughly, make a hole with a blunt side Spill contents, wash out the inside and dry.
At this time, gelatine soak for 10 minutes. Then podogreem it until completely dissolved, mix with the broth and strain.

Now, we shall cut small cubes of ham and pepper. Stacked layers of corn, ham, peppers, fill it with broth mixture and remove the gelatin in the refrigerator.
When the eggs are frozen, cleanse gently with their shells.

Jellied tongue.

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