Jellied pie.

Jellied pie.

Jellied pie.

Dough for jellied cake.

How to make dough for jellied pie - a quick and easy recipe.
In order to quickly make a pie with berries or some vegetables, you need to make jellied dough.

It is prepared in a matter of minutes, since you do not need to knead anything with your hands or wait (as is the case with yeast) until the dough rises. That is why, this recipe can be attributed to the fastest and easiest.

To prepare the jellied dough, you can use kefir or sour cream. According to the consistency, the finished dough must necessarily turn out to be liquid - this is a must in the recipe. As a filling, you can choose sweet or not sweet.

As a sweet filling, you can use: any berries, jam, condensed milk, cream, sweet cottage cheese and more.
Well, but not sweet - stewed cabbage, canned fish, meat, vegetables. How to cook jellied cake? With what you like best!


Eggs - 2 pcs.
Salt - 1 pinch.
Kefir - 1 tbsp.
Flour - 1 tbsp.
Soda - 0.5 tsp.

Jellied pie.

How to cook:

1. In a large bowl (to knead the dough), beat the chicken eggs. It is advisable to wash them very thoroughly with a kitchen sponge and soda.

2. Add a pinch of salt to the eggs immediately. If you plan to make a pie with a sweet filling, then be sure to add 1.5-2.5 tbsp. To the dough. tablespoons of sugar.

3. Pour in kefir, which is preheated to a warm state.

4. Whisk all ingredients until smooth. Add soda.

5. Mix everything and immediately add the sifted premium wheat flour.

6. Finally, mix all the ingredients very well again. This procedure is most conveniently done using a mixer or a regular kitchen whisk. There should be no lumps in the test.

7. In order to prepare the jellied cake, pour half of the finished dough into a baking dish, put the filling on top. Pour the remaining dough. Put the cake in the preheated oven for 25-35 minutes. Set the temperature to 190 degrees.
Enjoy your meal!

Jellied pie.

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