Japanese cheesecake Cotton.

Japanese cheesecake Cotton.

Japanese cheesecake Cotton.

Typical Cheesecake no surprise - they can try in any cafe in the range. Have you ever tried a bizarre cheesecake? Well, strange and wonderful?

Japanese cheesecake has another name - cotton. This is no coincidence. Everyone knows how the air and has a delicate texture cotton. It is this characteristic and provided cheesecake so romantic name - he gently!

Cheesecake has a lush, airy texture. It is so creamy, melting, which resembles both a steam omelette and cheese casserole, which is prepared on the basis of whipped eggs into the foam. But even that comparison can not tell you how it turns out delicate Japanese cheesecake.

The trick to cooking as there are none. The main thing - a good protein shake up and gently put them into a mass, bake cheesecake, keeping the temperature and the time mode and wait for a while after it is ready before removing it from the mold. However, all of these recommendations, except the first, will help you prepare a wonderful cheesecake any variety.

Cooking time:

about 1.5 hours + time to cool off / Yield: 6-8 servings


cream cheese (Philadelphia, Mascarpone or other similar) 300 g
Milk 180 g
70 g butter
140 g sugar
Eggs at room temperature 6 pieces
60 g flour
20 g of corn starch
vanilla extract 1 h. Spoon

How to make Japanese cheesecake.

First, prepare the form, then to you it does not take time. Form 20 cm in diameter, wrap foil around the outside edge, but inside Cover the parchment paper (bottom and sides).
The cream cheese mix with milk and mix thoroughly whisk.

If the cream-cheese bad odds, you can gently heat the ground in the microwave or in a water bath, or use a blender.
Add to the cheese mixture and milk, melted butter.

Separate the whites from the yolks. To the yolks, add 50 grams of sugar, and vanilla extract.
Whisk the egg yolks with sugar until fluffy and lightening.

Gently mix the beaten egg yolks with cheese base, then add to the mix the sifted flour and starch.

Lightly whisk the weight mixer. Now whisk in the soft foam proteins. Continuing to whisk, gradually sprinkle in the sugar to proteins. Mass will be denser. Enter the beaten egg whites into the main mix in 3-4 hours, to maximally preserve the lightness of the dough.

The dough will turn out very soft and lush. Pour batter into prepared pan.
Form set in a deep pan and pour water into it to 1.5 cm.

Bake cheesecake cotton at 150 degrees for 80-90 minutes, then remove the form from the oven and leave the cheesecake for a while to cool down.

Then gently remove the dessert from the mold and remove the parchment.
Serve this cheesecake is best with a puree of fresh berries or fruit. Bon Appetit!

Japanese cheesecake Cotton.

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