Ice cream with halva.

Ice cream with halva.

Ice cream with halva.

Ice cream for diabetics.
Halva lovers will definitely like this ice cream, because ice cream will have a gentle creamy halva flavor.
This ice cream is suitable for people who follow the figure, as well as people with diabetes. In this case, take halva and condensed milk on fructose (sugar free).

If desired, you can add berries. In order for the berries to be evenly distributed over the entire mass of ice cream, add them after partial freezing of the ice cream when it becomes thicker.


Halva - 60 g
Cream (15% and above) - 200 g
Condensed milk - 1 - 3 tbsp.

Ice cream with halva.


Combine the cream and halva cut into pieces.
Warm, stirring, to a boil. The mass will come out creamy, tender.

Add the condensed milk.
Stir well. Cool.
Pour the mass into a freezer for freezing. To cover with a lid.

Send to the freezer. Mix well periodically to break ice crystals.
I took advantage of the ice cream maker and then put it in the freezer for the night.

Keep ice cream in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes before use, making it easier to fill in ice cream.
Bon Appetit!

Ice cream with halva.


Fried ice cream in toasted bread

The combination of thin hot and crisp and cold ice cream is delicious! To make such a dessert is very simple!

I propose to cook an unusual dessert - fried ice cream. There are many options for making such a dessert. The combination of thin hot and crisp and cold ice cream is amazing!

To make such a dessert is very simple! Billets for it can be prepared in advance, put into the freezer, and quickly fried in oil before serving.

Not every toast bread is suitable for making this dessert. Conducted experiments - it is best to cook from sandwich bread, which I have in the photo.


Toast bread (I have sandwich) - 8 slices
Ice cream (ice cream) - 150 g
Egg white - 1 pc.
Vegetable oil - 200 ml

Step by step recipe

To make fried ice cream in toast bread, I cook the products on the list.

I roll out slices of bread with a rolling pin. I spread part of the ice cream on a slice of bread. Beat the protein. Via
culinary brush smear the bread around the ice cream. I cover the first slice of bread with the second ice cream.

I cut a blank with ice cream by cutting a large diameter. I fix the edge of the workpiece again - I press it manually.

I clean the blanks in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes. The ice cream that started to melt will freeze again. At this time, I heat the oil well in a small container on the stove.

Quickly fry one billet from two sides until golden brown (each side of the billet is fried for several seconds). Toasted ice cream in toast bread is ready! Enjoy your meal!

Ice cream with halva..

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