How to work with almonds.

How to work with almonds.

How to work with almonds. 

How to work with almonds. Almond flour, almonds or melkomolotym, bakers often replace wheat flour or supplement the first second when preparing cakes and other pastries. Cooks use it in the preparation of creams, sauces and for decorating desserts.

We will need these ingredients:

• 250 g of almonds (raw)

Cooking method:

1 To blanch almonds, fill the container with boiling water and immerse it in the almonds. Leave for 5 minutes, then gently, being careful not to burn yourself with hot nuts, share them with a slotted spoon and two fingers to "squeeze" the nucleolus of the shell. Allow to cool and dry completely.

2 Just blanched almonds can be divided in two halves. Thumb and forefinger of both hands scroll halves of the nucleolus in different directions until they are separate from each other.

3 To get the almond sticks, cut with a sharp knife along the narrow strips of almond halves. Chopped almonds - is cut into small pieces blanched nucleoli.
4 plates of almonds, straw or chopped almonds is good to fry a few minutes under the grill in the oven, stirring often to not burnt.
5 is ground blanched almonds in a food processor better or coffee grinder. The dough for the cakes and pastries of almonds, which is used instead of or together with the flour, milled finely as possible, for pies, French pastries or almond macaroon cream franzhipan fit almost coarse.
 About the dish:

In supermarkets you will find the almonds in any form: in-shell and without it, peeled and in the shell, blanched, and the dried raw, in the form of whole kernels, plates, straws and melkomoloty (in bags). But if you try it at least once on their own at home to prepare almonds, adhering to our recommendations, you will realize that the taste of the almonds is quite different.

Do not store the almonds in any form it too long, because in this case the whole nuts are very difficult or even impossible to clean from the shell and shelled almonds and prepared by a month or two it becomes rancid.

Beginners confectioners not recommended favorite chefs raw almonds (plucked straight from the tree fruit). Removing the seeds from raw fruits - the process is very time-consuming, but the result is not always pleasing to the eye.

How to work with almonds.




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