How to make shu dough.

How to make shu dough.

How to make shu dough.

How to make shu dough. Shu dough, or custard, is a real classic of confectionery. The exact date of the invention of the recipe and its author is unknown, but no doubt the shu was invented in France.

Most likely - at the royal court. At first they used shu for making cakes, and then small cakes were made from it.

Over time, the dough was called "choux" (choux), which in French means "cabbage" - round billets for cakes made from it, really form a bit like kochanchiki.

Nowadays, there are a lot of recipes using a custard batter: it's not only all the favorite eclairs and profiteroles, but also the Spanish churries (they are deep-fried for their preparation), and some varieties of Austrian dumplings (for them, cheese gushers and many other delicious dishes.

The shu dough contains no baking powder, but the billets from it grow "literally" when heated, a secret in a special brewing technology and a high moisture content: it turns into steam and forms voids that are so conveniently filled with cream or other stuffing.

For one serving of the basic brew (24 pieces for small cakes) you will need:

• 1 glass of water
• 75 g of butter
• 1 cup of flour
• 3-4 eggs slightly whipped with a fork

How to make shu dough.

Cooking method:

In a medium-sized saucepan pour the water and put the butter. Heat on a small fire to the boiling point (the oil should have melted by this point).

Add all flour at once and vigorously mix for 1-2 minutes - after this time you have a dough that lags behind the pan walls.

Transfer the dough into a large bowl and cool so that the dough does not go hot - it's important, otherwise the eggs can curl up.

Begin to add eggs one by one, stirring the dough by hand or mixer with a special nozzle. The dough should be plastic and shiny - perhaps, for this you will need fewer eggs than indicated in the recipe.

How to make shu dough.


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