Hot chocolate with mandarins.

Hot chocolate with mandarins.

Hot chocolate with mandarins.

Hot chocolate with mandarins. Ingredients to add.

Milk (lean) 1 L.
Cocoa (cocoa powder without sugar) 4 tbsp.
Starch (corn) 1 tsp.
Honey 3 tbsp.
Chocolate (bitter) 100 g.
Cinnamon 1 stick.
Salt pinch.
Mandarin (mandarin peel) 1 tsp.

CALORIUM: 170 kcal.

Hot chocolate with mandarins.

Cooking recipe.

Pour the milk into the saucepan. Bring to a boil.
Reduce heat to a minimum. Add the zest and stir the milk.

Add the cocoa powder. Stir well.
Then pour the grated chocolate, add the starch. Mix again.

Remove the cocoa from the fire. Add honey, cinnamon, salt.
Well stir up. Strain the mixture through a sieve. Pour over the mugs. All can be served.

Hot chocolate with mandarins.

Hot chocolate with ice cream.

A delicious dessert for the sweet tooth and chocolate lovers.
Dark Chocolate - 90 g
Milk 3.2% - 150 ml
Ice cream - 90 g
Crumb (waffle or sand) - 10 g

Step by step recipe.

You can prepare a delicious, silky and thick chocolate drink both on the top fire of the stove, and in the microwave. The main thing is to melt the bar of chocolate and mix with milk until the products are completely combined, that is, until smooth.

Ice cream, waffle or shortbread / sandwich crumbs, marshmallows, marshmallows, crushed nuts - all of your choice serve as an addition to the dessert.

To make hot chocolate with ice cream at home, take the products on the list. I recommend milk with a high percentage of fat, chocolate - black.

We break a bar of dark chocolate and lower it into a heat-resistant container.

Pour milk and send to warm up.
Under the lid, chocolate melts faster. Also, to speed up the process, we interfere periodically.

We remove the uniform hot chocolate from the stove, immediately put in the mugs for serving, ice cream and crumbs.

Pour chocolate into heat-resistant containers, immerse pieces of ice cream on top and sprinkle with crumbs from ordinary waffle cakes.
Serve hot chocolate with ice cream immediately. And with a spoon or a thick straw.

Hot chocolate with mandarins.

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