Homemade thick natural yogurt.

Homemade thick natural yogurt.

Homemade thick natural yogurt.

Thick natural yogurt for 12 hours. In any quantity.

With great pleasure I share with you the recipe for cooking any fermented milk product. Homemade thick natural yogurt. You can cook the one that you love most. This miracle product is easy to make at home in just 12 hours. Using the simplest utensils, milk and a box of your favorite yogurt shop.

Homemade yogurt has an excellent taste. It is prepared without any harmful preservatives and coloring agents. Having prepared any amount of fermented milk product, you can expand it into boxes. To freeze. Children are very fond of such a frozen dessert to do with jam.

Necessary ingredients.

• 5 liters of milk of any fat content;

• two tablespoons of yogurt with any (favorite) taste.

How to cook homemade dense natural yogurt for 12 hours.

1. We will cook in an enamel saucepan. It is ideal for boiling milk. But, in principle, you can use aluminum.

2. Pour the milk into the pan. We put on the stove. Turn on the average heat. We bring the milk to 80 degrees. Almost to a boil. But do not boil. Periodically, it is necessary to mix the milk so that it does not burn out. Remove the foam.

3. Then we send the dishes to the sink with water. We cool the contents to 40 degrees. Measure the temperature can be a kitchen thermometer.

4. For five liters of milk, add two tablespoons of your favorite yogurt. If you took more milk, then the amount of yogurt proportionally increase.

5. Mix very thoroughly. All yogurt must be dissolved in milk.

6. A pan with milk is carefully wrapped, so that there is a thermos effect. We leave for the night.

7. In the morning, remove the lid. Enjoy the homemade yogurt.

8. The Council. I often make a thick natural yogurt without additives. Already from it you can then cook any dessert.

9. If you used for sour Greek (natural yogurt). That you can serve it on the table as follows.

10. In a beautiful transparent glass, put a spoonful of any jam. Especially delicious with royal jam from plums and walnuts. We add yoghurt. Again the jam. We serve on the table.

11. The remaining yogurt is laid out on glass jars. Cover with covers. We store in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. You can also use plastic containers for food storage.

Homemade thick natural yogurt will come in handy more than once. It is much cheaper than the store analog. Used to prepare a variety of dishes.

Homemade thick natural yogurt.

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