Homemade mayonnaise Provencal.

Homemade mayonnaise Provencal.

Homemade mayonnaise Provencal.

Homemade mayonnaise Provencal. The most delicious and fastest recipe. I suggest the fastest and delicious recipe for cooking a sauce loved by everyone. Homemade mayonnaise "Provansal" can be done in just 30 seconds. Use a minimum of ingredients and a blender. Mixer did not try, so I can not say whether it will work or not.

But fork, in the field conditions, did. Time goes a little more. But the result is also excellent. A fragrant French sauce turns out beautiful, thick and very tasty. But, most importantly, it will not cause any harm to your health. In difference from the store.

Necessary ingredients. 

• one fresh chicken egg;
• half a teaspoon of salt;
• one teaspoon of granulated sugar;
• Finished mustard - half a teaspoon;
• half a teaspoon of black ground pepper (or a mixture of peppers);
• juice of half a lemon (1.5 tablespoons);
• 300 milliliters of refined sunflower oil.

Home-made mayonnaise "Provansal" for 30 seconds. Step by step cooking process.

1. Cook better at once in the container, in which we will store later. I have, at the moment, a bank with a capacity of 0.5 liters.

2. In the dishes we drive a fresh chicken egg. Add a mixture of peppers, salt, sugar to taste, prepared mustard and lemon juice.

3. The Council. A prescription requires one teaspoon of sugar. But I honestly put a lot more: 3-4 teaspoons. This option suits me better. But you are guided by your taste.

4. Put the immersion blender in the jar. We put it on the egg. And only after that we begin to pour in vegetable oil: olive or sunflower.

5. We beat the egg first. As soon as the emulsion starts to emerge, the blender is gradually raised.

6. As soon as the mass becomes thick and uniform (after about 30 seconds): the mayonnaise is ready.

7. The Council. If you do not like thick mayonnaise, pour in at the initial stage 30 milliliters of warm boiled water.

8. Prepare a homemade mayonnaise "Provansal", following a strictly recipe. Try it, and then start to experiment.

Home-made mayonnaise will be an excellent dressing for salads. With it, you can make any dish not only very tasty, but also useful.

Homemade mayonnaise Provencal.


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