Homemade cheese.

Homemade cheese.

Homemade cheese.

Tasty, funky crust and incredibly atmospheric Kochkäse cheese.
In this recipe, we will tell you how to make homemade cheese from cottage cheese in an ordinary frying pan, at home.


Cottage cheese - 500 g
Baking soda - 3.5-5 g (teaspoon)
Salt - 3.5-5 g (teaspoon)
Egg - 2 pcs.
Butter (better ghee) - 50 g

Homemade cheese.

Cooking cream cheese:

1. Grind the cottage cheese to a state of homogeneous loose mass so that the cheese is obtained without white lumps of unmelted cottage cheese. Add one teaspoon of salt and soda and mix the cottage cheese again.

If you add 1 teaspoon of salt to the curd, then the cheese will turn out not very salty, if you wish, you can add more salt, if of course you like salty cheese. Add 2 eggs to the curd, mix the future cheese again, tamp and leave this mass to brew for 4-6 hours (if there is no time, you can cook the cheese after 2 hours).

2. After 4-6 hours, you can melt the cheese. During the tincture, the curd mass ceased to be loose and we, without stirring in small pieces, melt this mass in a frying pan, preferably with a thick bottom (or cast-iron), greasing it with butter.

To completely melt the curd mass - the mass can turn out to be liquid, and sometimes viscous - it depends on the fat content of the curd, the size of the egg, the time of interaction with soda. On moderate heat, gently stir the cheese mass, a brown crust forms on the bottom of the pan.

3. Pour this hot melted cheese into a deep plate. Carefully remove the crust from the bottom of the pan until it has frozen and stuck to the bottom. Crisp is a nice and tasty cheese bonus.

If desired, anise or dill or raisins can be added to hot home-made cheese - the taste of home-made cheese can be as different as you like! Cream cheese leave in a plate. After hardening, cut the cheese into pieces of the required size.

Homemade cheese.


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