Homemade Amaretto.

Homemade Amaretto.

Homemade Amaretto.

Let this Amaretto recipe be your business card. Make this heady drink at home!

Amaretto — Italian amaro alcoholic beverage, dark brown liqueur based on almonds and / or apricot kernels and spices.


Dried apricots — ½ cup
Water — ¾ cup
Almonds — ½ cup
Dried Cherries — ¼ cup
Vodka — 2 glasses
Brandy — 2 glasses
Sugar Syrup — to taste
Vanilla extract — 1 tsp.
Almond extract — 1 tsp.

Homemade Amaretto.


1. Place dried apricots in an airtight container.

2. Add water and leave for 1 hour.

3. Drain the water.

4. Add to the dried apricots coarsely chopped almonds, cherries, 1½ stack. vodka and 1½ stack. brandy.

5. Close the container tightly and shake well.

6. Insist 1 month in a cool dark place, shaking the container every week.

7. Filter the drink.

8. Add ½ stack. vodka, ½ stack. brandy, extracts and syrup to taste.

9. Close the container tightly, shake and infuse the drink for 3 days.

10. Shake before use.

Homemade Amaretto.


Orange and clove liquor.

Today you will learn how to simply prepare a delicious and fragrant orange-clove liquor at home.

If a couple of days are left before the holiday, and all home supplies have already been drunk, liquors and instant cocktails come to the rescue. Orange-clove liquor is one of those. From the specified number of ingredients, 700 milliliters of aromatic liquor is obtained.


Orange — 3 pcs.
Carnation — 25 pcs.
Vodka — 500 ml
Water — 250 ml
Sugar — 200 g

Preparation of liquor:

1. In a small saucepan, mix sugar, water and cloves, put on fire and bring to a boil. Boil the clove sugar for 15 minutes after boiling, remove from heat and let cool slightly.

2. Place oranges in a colander, scald with boiling water and wipe dry. Using a knife or peeler, remove the zest from oranges. Place the zest in the clove sugar. Cut the oranges in half and squeeze the juice into syrup. Mix well and pour vodka.

3. Leave to brew liquor for 1 day, stir whenever possible every 2-3 hours. After a day, strain the liquor through a sieve and pour into a carafe for serving.
For a more detailed recipe, see the video. Have a good time!

Homemade Amaretto..

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