Home sbiten.

Home sbiten.

Home sbiten.

How to cook recipes from home sbiten, drink for health.

Home sbiten. Dear Friends, today, offers recipes long forgotten Russian village brought down a recipe that is prepared from such a useful natural products like honey.

The weather is getting cold and wet, but because coming home, I want to warm up and enjoy a nice warming up.

You can certainly have a drink and a hot cup of tea, but you can prepare a drink of our ancestors - sbiten. It sbiten until tea was the only hot drink of the ancient Slavs.

Sbiten very useful drink, it is not only a good warm in the cold season, but also give you strength, after the working day, will have a tonic effect on the entire body.

And depending, on what you add the spices - and will have a therapeutic effect. Protection and will prevent the drink from the beginning, and the common cold.

Home sbiten.

You will need:

Honey 100 g;
1 L of water;
3-4 pieces of cloves;
cinnamon - pinch;
1 bay leaf;
2 teaspoons dried mint.

Dissolve honey in hot water, boil and remove foam. Reduce heat and simmer, that there was no apparent boiling and the water a little evaporated.

Add the syrup, spices and herbs and cook for another 10 minutes, turn off the oven and leave to infuse under the cover (5-10 minutes). Strain and drink hot sbiten.

By the way, you can add not only the listed spices. But any available in your home - ginger, cardamom, sweet peas, and others.

And to enhance the intoxicating effect, you can even add dry red wine at the rate of 200 ml per 1 liter was brought down.
Bon Appetit!

Home sbiten.

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