Homemade bread kvass with yeast is a tasty and aromatic drink that you can taste in a day.

Thanks to the addition of yeast, the drink is created faster; it does not need to be infused for 2-3 days at room temperature.

Determine the sweetness of kvass according to your taste - 100 g of granulated sugar for 2-2.2 liters of boiling water is enough for me, but you can add more or less.

Instead of granulated sugar, you can use sweetener or honey, but you will need to add honey only after the wort has cooled.

In no case do not pour the yeast into a hot liquid - they just die and do not activate. The maximum temperature for adding yeast is 30 C.

It is best to choose rye bread for kvass, but remember that black bread with caraway seeds will give the drink a slight bitterness, but we don’t need this! If you are replacing dry yeast with fresh, then calculate their mass to be about 1: 3, that is, 1 part dry yeast to 3 parts fresh.


Boiling water - 2 l
Rye bread - 3-4 slices
Sugar - 100 g
Strong black tea - 1 cup
Dry yeast - 0.5 tsp


Step by step recipe.

So, we will prepare the necessary products and start cooking!
Cut the rye bread into cubes or cubes, fry in a pan until crust - the darker the crackers, the more saturated the color of kvass.

Boil the water in a container and pour sugar into it, mix thoroughly to dissolve it, and add the fried crackers. Brew black tea without additives and flavorings, pour into a container, filtering through a strainer. Leave the container to cool.

Once the contents of the pan have cooled to an acceptable temperature of 25-30 C, pour dry yeast into it and mix again. Cover with a towel or gauze, leave for 2 hours.

After that, strain the contents of the container through a colander, removing the bread.

Then strain again through a fine mesh strainer or double layer of gauze. Then, again, cover the container with a towel or gauze and leave it for 12-14 hours at room temperature - during this time the yeast will “feed” sugar in the liquid and the drink will begin to ferment.

After the specified time, pour the homemade bread kvass with yeast into a jug or in a jar, pour into glasses and serve.

If you want a more seasoned kvass, place it in the cold, but remember that every day the drink will become less sweet - the yeast will eat sugar.
Enjoy you!


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