Glazed curds.

Glazed curds.

Glazed curds.

We share the recipe of favorite from the childhood glazed curds. It's easy to cook in your kitchen. The main difference is that they contain not only sugar and flavorings, but also cottage cheese. Instead, berries, dates, cashews, vegetable milk. Very tasty!!!

Glazed curds.

CALORIUM: 110 kcal.


Milk (vegetable) - 250 ml;
Cashew 250 g;
Cranberries (or cranberries frozen) - 150 g;
Dates - 8 pcs.;
Oil (coconut) - 3 tbsp.;
Cocoa - 2 tsp.;
Syrup to taste.

Mix in a blender of cashew, vegetable milk, frozen cranberries or cranberries and dates until the condition of a homogeneous cream.

Pour into silicone molds and put into the freezer for about an hour, so that the cheesecakes are frozen.

While the curds are in the freezer, prepare the glaze: mix coconut oil, cocoa and syrup in a bowl.

Get the curds from the molds, pour each glaze and put in the freezer for another 10 minutes. Done!

Glazed curds.

Chocolate curds

Grocery list:

vanilla sugar - 1 tsp;
regular fine sugar - 150 g;
cottage cheese (rustic or homemade) - 500 g;
butter - 100 g;
a pinch of salt;
dark chocolate bars - 500 g;
fresh sour cream (fat content up to 20%) - 4 tbsp. l.

Cooking process:

Put the cottage cheese in a convenient bowl, beat thoroughly with a blender until the grains disappear.

In the same way, process softened butter along with a pinch of salt, sugar and vanilla sugar. Put 1 tbsp here. l. sour cream, 1/3 of the curd component. Mix everything by working with a wooden spoon for 1-2 minutes.

Add low-fat sour cream in small portions, the remaining cottage cheese, repeat the procedure for combining the components of future curds twice.

Place the resulting mass in a culinary syringe, put on a baking sheet covered with parchment rounded "sausages" (other shapes of your choice) up to 5-6 cm long. Leave the prepared semi-finished product overnight in the freezer.

Melt the dark chocolate (in a water bath), quickly dip each portion into the sweet composition. In this case, it is necessary to prevent it from hardening and simultaneous defrosting of cheese blanks.

Place the sweets on parchment paper, send to the refrigerator for further solidification.

Glazed curds.

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