Fried donuts.

Fried donuts.

Fried donuts.

Ruddy donuts without yeast. The best recipe.

Products for this yummy can always be found in your refrigerator. Fried donuts.
As a job, one employee brought amazing donuts without yeast sprinkled with powdered sugar. This sweet miracle has lifted the mood for the whole day. The recipe was rather simple and did not require much effort.

Products for this yummy can always be found in your refrigerator. And most importantly - baking without the use of yeast is useful for our body.


1. Sifted flour - 400 grams + padding on the table.
2. Eggs 3-4 pcs. (medium size).
3. Condensed milk 8.5% -1 bank.
4. Vegetable oil 0.5 liters (only not homemade, otherwise there will be a taste of bitterness)
5. A pinch of salt.
6. Baking powder for the test -10 grams (one sachet).
7. Vanilla sugar-10 grams.


Take the bowl and drive the eggs.
Add the condensed milk.
We mix eggs and condensed milk well, but do not whisk.

Pour in flour, add salt, vanillin, baking powder.
Spread the dough on the surface, sprinkle with flour and mix again. The dough should not be steep, but soft and elastic.

We take the rolling pin and roll out a layer not more than 1 cm thick.
Forms of two sizes (you can use two glasses of different diameters) cut out donuts. About 30 pieces come out of the test.

In the saucepan pour the vegetable oil. It should be very warm.

We take a wooden skewer and put it into the deep-fryer, if there are bubbles, then the oil has heated up to the desired state. We lower 4-5 donuts in boiling oil and fry from two sides to a golden color.

Spread a napkin on a napkin or paper ready-made donuts to remove excess fat.
Our dish is ready! Now you can decorate with powdered sugar or pour hot chocolate, as well as make a fragrant sugar fondant, which is used on brewed cakes or cakes and decorated with fruits.

Let's brew for 10 minutes. We brew fragrant tea with lemon balm and mint, and we get pleasure from our masterpiece. Bon Appetit!

Fried donuts.

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