Fancy desserts.

Fancy desserts.

Fancy desserts.

Classic blancmange. 

There is a legend that this dessert was adored by the French King Louis XIV. And he understood the good food. In the castle of Versailles, where the "sun-king" lived most often, a culinary book was preserved. In the book, many pages are devoted to different sweets. This recipe is noted especially.

Fancy desserts.

Now in many Parisian restaurants it is served under the title "Kiss of the King". I know this dessert as blancmange. By the way, the word "blancmange" is also French. It is translated as "white food".

For the preparation of dessert, you can take ready-made almond milk. But the one you do yourself, will surely turn out to be more fragrant.

You will need:
1 glass of almonds
160 g of sugar
40 g of gelatin
4 tbsp. l. cream
475 ml of milk
vanillin (15 g)
2 tbsp. l. powdered sugar

1. Pour gelatin with water for swelling. Almonds should be taken without brown skin. But if you have not found one, scald the nuts with boiling water. The skin will easily come off. Pound the nuts in a mortar or grind the flour in a blender. Stir with cream.

2. Heat the milk in the Steamer mode before the start of the digital readout (this means it has boiled). Mix with a creamy almond billet. Close the cover. Turn off the multivark and leave for 30 minutes.

3. If you want the blancmange not to have small pieces of nuts,
strain it. Then add the sugar. Pour into the mixture dissolved in water gelatin. Mix everything. Add some vanillin. Pour out the molds in which you bake cupcakes or tartlets. Especially wonderful is the dish in sand tartlets.

4. Place in the fridge so that the mixture stiffens.

5 Decorate the blancmange with sugar powder and almonds.

Fancy desserts.

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