English pie on lard.

English pie on lard.

English pie on lard.

Savory pastries.

Pride of British cuisine - pie on lard - is sdobny spice bread, which is best eaten while still warm. English pie on lard. It's tempting juicy and tasty pies. Perhaps it's better not to abuse them, who counts calories.

We will need these ingredients:

• 225 g flour
• 1/4 h. L. salt
• 1 hour. L. mix for baking spices
• 4 grams of fast-acting yeast
• 1 egg (grind)
• 125 ml of warm milk
• flour for dusting
• 125 g of cold lard (cut into cubes)
• 125 g cold butter (cut into cubes)
• 125 g of granulated sugar
• 50g currants
• 50 g raisins
• milk for frosting


• Silicone square shape with a side of 20.5 cm

English pie on lard.

Cooking method:

How to knead bread dough.

1. Sift the flour, salt, spice mix and to mix yeast. Make a well in the center of the slide groove. Loose milk with eggs and pour into the recess. Knead the dough.

2. dough is kneaded for about 10 minutes on the surface pripylennoy flour until uniform. Put in a warm draft-free place for 1 hour to approach to increase in volume by half. Knock the dough and knead quickly.

3. On the surface pripylennoy flour roll the dough into a rectangle about 25 x 15 cm. Mix cubes of lard, butter, sugar and dried fruits. Divide the stuffing into three parts.

4. Lay one piece of the filling of lard, butter and dried fruit on two-thirds of the surface of the dough. Lay half the filling on top of the free part of the test.

Stratum, reeling and baking.

5. Once again, fold the dough in half, to get three layers. Press down the edges with a rolling pin. Turn the dough 45 ° and roll into a rectangle the size of the original.

6. Repeat steps two more times with putting toppings of lard, butter, sugar and dried fruits, folding and rolling dough. Last time unroll the dough the size of the form. Put into a mold and cover. Put in a warm place to increase in volume by half.

7. Before baking make incisions with a knife on a test in the form of diamond shapes and brush with milk to get a nice golden crust. Bake 25-30 minutes, until the cake is golden brown. Leave in the form of a couple of minutes, then turn on the grill.

8. Cut the cake gently on the marked lines and serve slightly warm.

About the dish:

Yield: 1 pie with a diameter of 20.5 cm:
Preparation time: 40 minutes.
Approach and proofing test: 1 hour 45 minutes - 2 chasa.
Cooking time: 25-30 minutes.
Oven temperature: 200°C.

Start with BREAD.

Preparation of test lard starts with a base of bread dough kneading.

This recipe calls for quick yeast that eliminates the need to breed them with the sugar in the liquid. All you need to do - is to mix the "fast" yeast with the dry ingredients, then enter the rest of the ingredients and knead the dough.

Before you put the dough come to increase in volume by half, it should be knead well. Approached the batter beat again briefly kneaded until elastic. For the filling mix lard, butter, sugar and dried fruits, and is divided into three parts.

And rolling stratum.
Roll out the dough into a rectangle and sprinkle with 2/3 of the third part of the mincemeat. Lay the free edge of the dough over the filling (released about half of the total length). Again, fold in half, to get a three-layer preform. Push the edge of a rolling pin to stick together. Turn the dough 45 ° and roll back to the original size of the rectangle.

Sprinkle 2/3 of the test another part of the filling and then reload it on top of the free edge of the dough, then fold in half again. Roll back to the original size of the rectangle and sprinkle with remaining filling.

Again fold, as in past times, and roll on the size of the form. If in the process of preparation of lard or butter dough begins to soften, to shift the dough in the refrigerator for a while, so it's a little tough. Put the form in a warm place for proofing.

Lard called fat of melted pork fat, is generally used for frying meat and occasionally in baking. English pie on lard appeared in the southern county of Wiltshire, the most important pig breeding region, where it was baked for a special occasion. Keeping up with fashion trends in the modern variant on the cake often added lard in half with butter.

What currant?
In cooking recipes, especially the "age", which was prepared even our mothers, we found that expression "to taste add the currants." Explanation, or at least a hint on where to look for this same currants not, understand is - what it tells you useful and necessary component.

Currant really turned out to be a useful and tasty component. These are very small black berries. From them loom, obtained from special varieties of seedless grapes of Corinth. The length of dried fruit is 4-5 mm. It grows in Greece and the Ionian Islands. Add the berries to the biscuits and pastries more than the raisins to which we are accustomed. It has a strong sweetness and a delicate aroma. But this definition is given at the international level.

We have the word "currant" can mean both small and black seedless raisins, and the name of the hybrid grapes "currants Russian", "currants server" plus the nearly one-third of the population in the former Union calls irgu currants.

Why do we call currants steel irgu? General at the tall shrub with vine nothing, berries, too, quite similar in appearance. It turns out that before the revolution currant (raisins) was a favorite and affordable treat.

After the events of 1917, an exotic product becomes inaccessible. But resourceful citizens quickly discovered that dry sweet berries were able to replace the missing product. From the currant drink tea. Add to the baking. Make a filling for cakes and pies. Add to the sweet porridge.

On our own, home-grown currants were mentioned in cookbooks, she began to enter the recipe of sweet dishes. So Saskatoon and has become a valuable variety of Corinthian grapes - currants. There have been attempts to return the name of "currant" new varieties of domestic seedless grapes, but under the guise of currants and we continued to collect and sell irgu.

English pie on lard.

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