Eggplant in Korean

Eggplant in Korean

Eggplant in Korean

-2 Kg aubergines,
-3 Sweet pepper,
-3 Carrots,

For the filling:

-1 Tsp black pepper,
-priprava carrot in Korean,
-1 Tablespoon salt,
-150 Grams of vinegar,
-200 Ml of vegetable oil,
-4 Tablespoons sugar.

Eggplant in Korean


Prepare the filling. Eggplant cut into thin strips, pepper - strips, onion - half rings, grate carrots for Korean carrots or cut into stripes, crush the garlic.
Eggplant put in boiling water and cook for exactly 5 min.Vylozhit, add all the rest and pour the sauce, stir and leave for 3 hours. Then decomposed in 0.5 l cans - 30 minutes to sterilize. Close lid.

Bon Appetit!

Eggplant in Korean


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