Eclairs with cream.

Eclairs with cream.

Eclairs with cream.

Eclairs with cream-curd cream. Dessert recipes simple and delicious.

Ingredients for 8 servings.

Wheat flour - 1 cup;

Water - 1 cup;
Butter - 100 g;
Egg chicken - 4 pieces;
Salt - to taste;
Cottage cheese - 200 g;
Sugar - 1 cup;
Vanilla - to taste;
Cream - 200 ml.


Time 40 minutes cooking recipe.

For the preparation of the recipe, first boil the water and add to the butter, water and salt.
We continuously stirring and in small portions sypim flour. Then reduce the fire mass was ground to homogeneity and only then remove from heat.

Weight should be a little cool, but we continue to pound and one trying to drive the egg.

Take a pastry bag onto a greased baking tray and will otsazhivayut balls of dough, their size should be of a walnut. Do not forget that they must bvt at a great distance from each other.

Bake in well-heated oven. Vnimaeie! 10 minutes after the start of baking when the cakes will rise slightly flushed, the fire is reduced, but continue baking for another 10-15 minutes.

Cakes should be well roasted and solidify.

The final stage. Prepared and cooled cake using a pastry bag fill with cream.

Cream: rub the cottage cheese with the sugar, add the whipped cream and vanilla. All carefully mix and beat until fluffy.

Eclairs with cream.

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