Easy cookie recipes.

Easy cookie recipes.

Cake "Broken Glass". Easy cookie recipes.


Jelly - 3 packs;
Sour cream (15 or 20% fat content) - 400 grams;
Vanillin - on the tip of the knife;
Instant gelatin - 25 grams;
Crackers - 50 grams;
Sugar - 1/2 cup.

Easy cookie recipes.

Cake "Broken Glass".

Cooking process:

Very bright and colorful cake, simple enough to cook. Especially like those who love jelly.

If you cook this cake in the season of berries and fruits, then you can make jelly from natural berries and juice. If not, then you can use the shopping bags with jelly.

It is advisable to choose jellies of different contrasting colors. You can also put in the cake pieces of canned fruit, such as peaches or pineapple.

Prepare the necessary products.
Make the jelly following the instructions on the package. Put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

Frozen jelly, remove from the molds, lowering the bowl for 3-4 seconds in hot water and turning over on a plate. Cut the jelly into cubes.

Gelatine pour into a glass of hot (≈60-70 ° C) water and stir well.
Sour cream with sugar and vanilla.
Do not stop beating, pour a slightly cooled gelatin solution.

The form for a cake can serve any deep utensils with equal walls. Place the jelly cubes in a cake mold.
Fill with sour cream gelatinous mass.

The last layer put the crackers - they will serve as the basis for the cake.
Put the cake in the refrigerator for freezing for 2-3 hours.

The finished frozen cake is extracted from the mold in exactly the same way as you extracted the jelly. Lower the mold for a few seconds in a container of hot water. Cover the cake with a dish and turn over.
Bon Appetit!

Easy cookie recipes.


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