Easy cheesecake recipe.

Easy cheesecake recipe.

Cold cheesecake with berries. Easy cheesecake recipe.

In the summer, I do not always want to turn on the oven. But this is not an excuse to give up dessert! Easy cheesecake recipe. Prepare a cheesecake that does not require baking. This version of the cake is especially popular in England.


200 g cookies;
60-70 ml of milk;
450 g of curd cheese;
380 g of condensed milk;
7-10 g of sheet gelatin;
Lemon juice - ¼ cup;
Vanilla extract - 1 teaspoon;
1 cup of fresh berries for decoration.

Cheesecake - diameter 20 cm.
Time: 40 minutes (+ 3 hours for cooling).

Easy cheesecake recipe.


Thoroughly grind the cookie in the blender. Add small amounts of milk. Stir manually until a paste-like homogeneous mass is obtained.

Distribute the resulting paste in a round shape. Well press it to the bottom and the sides. Refrigerate for 10 minutes.

Soak gelatin in cold water for 5 minutes.
Mix the cheese at a medium speed with a mixer. Then, whisking, add the condensed milk, lemon juice and vanilla extracts in portions.

Press the gelatin plates. Put in a heat-resistant bowl with a little water. Dissolve in a water bath, stirring, until completely dissolved. Stir the dissolved gelatin into the filling.

Put the filling in a chilled base. Align the surface with a spatula. Cover with a film and refrigerate for 3 hours.
Cook the fresh cheesecake with fresh berries.

Easy cheesecake recipe.


To prepare the filling, you can use the curd cheese Hochland. It was created specifically for cooking. Cheese has a delicate creamy taste.

Thanks to its plastic consistency, it perfectly keeps the shape. These are the qualities of a professional product, available now for everyone.

Berries can be added to the cheesecake filling itself. For this, fruits that do not give too much juice will do. For example, slices of dense apricot or pieces of strawberry. Lay out half the filling. Then put the berry-fruit layer. Fill the remaining filling.

The shape or ring for cheesecake is best taken in a detachable. Of a whole shape, a delicate dessert will be problematic.

Easy cheesecake recipe.


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