Dried fruit sweets.

Dried fruit sweets.

Dried fruit sweets.

Dried fruit sweets. Healthy sweets made from dried fruits. "There are no useful and tasty sweets!" - you say. However, these candies are not only healthy, but also delicious!

These dried fruit candies do not contain any refined sugar. They can be safely given to children. The composition of such useful sweets is as natural as possible.

This healthy treat will appeal to vegans, raw foodists, and those who just eat a healthy diet.

During the fast, dried fruit sweets are also appropriate and even irreplaceable. They contain a whole storehouse of useful trace elements, fats and vitamins.

Healthy dried fruit sweets are prepared very quickly and easily.
Be sure to please your loved ones with healthy sweets. It's so simple and delicious!


dried apricots - 200 g
dates - 200 g
prunes - 100 g
walnut - 100 g
coconut flakes - 50 g

Step-by-step cooking recipe

We take out the bones from the washed dates. If your prunes contain pits, they should be removed as well.
Before preparing sweets, all dried fruits must be washed several times in cold water and boiled over for 5 minutes.

Twist the prunes, dried apricots, walnuts and dates in a meat grinder.
Mix the whole mass well.

Wet hands a little with water and roll round balls.
Roll each ball in coconut flakes.
Put the finished candies in paper molds or on a plate.

Such sweets turn out to be very tasty and also healthy. This is a great substitute for store-bought sweets.
Be sure to cook such sweets, please your family and friends.

Dried fruit sweets.

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