Dessert without baking.

Dessert without baking.

Dessert without baking.

"Beautiful evening"(simple recipe for domestic sherbet).

I specifically looked at Wikipedia, before calling this dish a sorbet. It is called as a drink - including ice cream, as well as eastern sweetness, similar to sweet.
And my sherbet turns out something average between ice cream and fondant. But not less tasty.

You will need:
300 g of brown granulated sugar
200 g of powdered sugar
a sachet of vanillin (5 g)
1 full glass of oily 25% sour cream
20 g of butter

1. Prepare the sour cream, poured into the bowl of the multivark, in the "Bake" mode.
As soon as it starts to boil, add powder, sugar, vanillin. Stir thoroughly. Cook until thick.

From time to time take a small amount of the mixture from the bowl.
Use a teaspoon to try and roll the ball. It should be as soft as plasticine.

2. When you have a similar ball, gently remove the bowl.
Quickly add to it butter, finely chopped nuts and raisins. Stir thoroughly with silicone corn.

3. Take a plate, grease it with butter. Rinse with cold water, lay out sherbet. Carefully level it with a knife and put it in the cold. Keep the dessert in a cool place.

Dessert without baking.


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