Dessert tangerines in chocolate.

Dessert tangerines in chocolate.

Dessert tangerines in chocolate.

Today we will prepare a chic dessert "Tangerines in Chocolate". Dessert of tangerine wedges in a snow-white cream. To say that it’s delicious, to say nothing, is a terrific dessert that can be easily prepared in 15 minutes. Serving such a dessert is possible not only in a bowl, but also in glasses for wine or champagne or in low glasses for juice.


tangerines - 5-6 pcs.
unsweetened yogurt - 200 ml
white chocolate - 150 g
cream 20-33% - 120 ml
chocolate black for decoration.

150 grams of chocolate break into pieces and put in a clean and completely dry bowl. Add 120 ml of cream here. Cream can be used with a fat content of 20-33%.

We put a bowl of chocolate in a steam bath. The bottom of the bowl should not touch the water in the pan. Camphor fire so that the water in the pan gurgles slightly. We drown chocolate with cream, periodically mix.

As soon as half the chocolate has melted, and the other half remains in the form of solid pieces, remove the bowl from the water bath. Continue to mix the chocolate until completely dissolved.

Leave the melted chocolate to cool to almost room temperature.

While the chocolate cools, prepare the tangerines. Peel 5-6 tangerines. Tear the tangerines into slices and clear of white veins.

In cooled chocolate pour 200 grams of unsweetened thick yogurt at room temperature. We mix everything.

For convenience, I pour everything into the dishes with a spout. I got 400 milliliters of finished cream.

We collect dessert.

In a bowl on the bottom we put several segments of tangerines. Pour the tangerines with the prepared cream until they are covered. Again we put the slices of tangerines, pressing them to the wall of the bowl. Such laying is necessary so that the tangerine slices can be seen through the walls of the bowl. Again, fill everything with cream. So we collect the whole dessert.

From this amount of ingredients, I got 2 jars of 350 milliliters each.

Put the dessert to cool in the refrigerator for at least half an hour.
The dessert has cooled, we decorate it on top with tangerine slices. On a coarse grater, three small amounts of dark chocolate. Grated chocolate sprinkle dessert on top.

Dessert with tangerines turned out with a delicious taste and a very delicate texture. It perfectly combines sweet white chocolate with delicate yogurt and a touch of sour tangerines.

Dessert tangerines in chocolate.


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