Dessert New York.

Dessert New York.

Dessert New York.

Dessert New York. Cheesecake is a dessert that consists of a shortbread base and a soft cream cheese filling. Despite the divine taste, making cheesecake does not require complex manipulations. I suggest you make sure of this.

To prepare New York cheesecake, you must immediately prepare the ingredients according to the list.



Shortbread cookies - 125 g
Sugar - 1 tablespoon
Butter - 45 g


Philadelphia cream cheese - 400 g
Powdered sugar - 125 g
Wheat flour - 1.5 tbsp.
Egg - 2 pcs.
Sour cream - 140 ml

Step by step recipe

In a blender, grind the cookies into crumbs.
Add sugar, melted butter and stir.
Grease a split form with a diameter of 16 cm with butter and spread the mixture over the bottom of the form. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

For the filling, beat the cream cheese.
Combine flour and icing sugar and sift into cream cheese. Mix well.
Add eggs one at a time and continue beating for a few minutes.
Add sour cream and stir gently.

Take out the cookie sheet, wrap the bottom and edges of the mold with cling foil.
Lay out the filling carefully.

Fill a larger mold halfway with hot water. Place the cheesecake pan in the water pan and bake in an oven preheated to 170 degrees for 50-55 minutes.

Turn off the oven, open the door and cool the cheesecake to room temperature. Refrigerate for 4 hours. New York cheesecake is ready. Bon Appetit!

Dessert New York.

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