Delicate potato pancakes.

Delicate potato pancakes.

Delicate potato pancakes.

They will decorate themselves with any breakfast and please your home for dinner. Hot and yet unsweetened pastries will definitely be prescribed on your table. It is only necessary to try out our next recipe in action. Delicate potato pancakes.

Moreover, the products for this delicious dish will require the most ordinary. Surely in your refrigerator they are all already today.


500 grams - light-potatoes with high starch content
2 tbsp. l. - Wheat flour
2 pcs. - eggs
1 PC. - yolk
freshly ground white pepper / salt


The crude potatoes put in a saucepan with cold water.
The water should completely cover the potatoes, or the one on the top, is still wet when the bottom has already begin to burst.

We need all the potatoes and peel welded simultaneously remained intact.
Bring to a boil, heat to ubavlyaem slabogo kartofel and cook until done, which is verified by the old-fashioned way - prokalyvaniem knife or fork. When kartoshka svaritsya, remove it from the water and peel.

Make it easy, because the hot potato, but who said that the high cooking - simple activity?

Kartoshku crushed into a puree using Specials press or grind through a metal sieve.
Doing it on a steel bowl set over a water bath to puree it gets cold.

I used to do the same things prisposablivayu kastryulyu with hot water, which is boiled kartoshka.
Add the puree flour, stir. Then, put the sour cream (room temperature) and knead thoroughly.

And only then put the egg and separate the yolk.
If you put the eggs before the protein can fold.
Season with salt and pepper to taste the dough.

Here, too, until the dough is still warm, fry pancakes.
For this vykladyvaem dough spoon on slegka razogretuyu dry frying pan with non-stick coating.
Obratite note that nikakogo masla zhira or we do not use at the same time!

Fry on low heat! After a minute or two, you can flip the pancakes.
It is best to use thin steel spatula.
Closets can hush up or plastmassovaya blina edge.
Serve pancakes with smoked salmon or slabosolenym.

Delicate potato pancakes.

Notes for the recipe.

As I wrote in the preface, in the West the word is called blini very tiny plump pancakes. We would rather call them pancakes. Such are the blini are available in many major European or American restaurants.

As if to remind visitors of the Russian origin of the word, blini, usually served with a small cap of sturgeon caviar. The Californian restaurant The French Laundry - one of the best restaurants in the world - is also prepared, and perhaps still prepared here are blini.

Make them out of mashed potatoes, though not served with Beluga caviar and caviar ... eggplant that does not detract from their dignity. And the merits are obvious: the pancakes are obtained by air and light as a cloud. You can, of course, as Thomas Keller - Chef "French Laundry", and submit them with vegetable caviar, but it seems to me that the smoked salmon will look worse.

Delicate potato pancakes.


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