Dark chocolate curd cream.

Dark chocolate curd cream.

Dark chocolate curd cream.

Dark chocolate curd cream. Such a cream is perfect for coating and decorating cakes, for caps on cupcakes, as well as for a layer of cakes if you like a dense cream in the filling.

For the experiment, I left the finished cream (squeezed out of a pastry bag) on ​​the table. He stood for 3 hours, at a temperature of 23 degrees. The result - the cream became soft, but continued to keep in shape, did not creep. In the refrigerator, the cream becomes very dense.

The weight of the cream is 550-600 grams. About 250 grams of cream took to align the cake h = 7.5 cm and d = 16 cm. For 1 cake d = 16 cm it takes me about 180-200 grams of cream. All ingredients should be at about room temperature.


Cottage cheese 9% - 300 g
Dark chocolate 50-60% - 80 g
Butter 82.5% - 120 g
Powdered Sugar - 80 g
Cocoa (optional) - 10 g

Dark chocolate curd cream

Cream preparation:

1. Melt the chocolate and leave to cool to about 30 degrees.

2. Cottage cheese to beat in a blender to a pasty state.

3. In a small bowl, beat soft butter until light and fluffy, about 3-4 minutes.

4. Add powdered sugar and cocoa to the butter. Stir with a mixer at low speed.

5. Pour in the cooled chocolate and mix again with a mixer.

6. Transfer the chocolate mass into a larger bowl.

7. Cottage cheese in two or three doses to introduce into the chocolate mass, each time mixing with a mixer. The cream can be used immediately.

Dark chocolate curd cream.

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