Dark chocolate cake.

Dark chocolate cake.

Dark chocolate cake with grilling cream.

Dark chocolate cake.

Incredibly delicious, rich chocolate cake, based on the world-famous biscuit, from the recipe of the Austrian cake "Sacher".
Biscuit is made of a dense texture, with a stunning aroma of dark chocolate.

For completeness of taste, we will add a mute coffee aroma in impregnation, a drop of vanilla and we will add, this dark handsome, very interesting to taste, with oil cream, with bright caramel flavor, silky texture and grilly crumbs, and aromatic, ripe bananas complete all this magnificence !!

Dark chocolate cake

• Preparation: 30 m
• Preparation: 1 hour 45 m
• Servings: 5 servings


Dough (shape 15 cm in diameter) - Three cakes:
Chicken eggs: 6 pcs.
Sugar: 120 gr
Chocolate dark: 150 gr.
Flour: 120 gr.
Butter: 120 gr.
Vanilla or vanilla extract: to taste.

Dark chocolate cake

Butter: 150 gr.
Sugar: 100 gr.
Cream (35%): 150 ml.
Grillage: 120 gr.
Instant coffee: 3 teaspoons
Milk: 50 ml.
Sugar: 2 tsp.
Bananas: 2-3 pcs.

Dark chocolate cake


1. Chocolate we break into pieces. We connect chocolate and butter. Melt the chocolate with butter until smooth, stirring intensively with a silicone spatula until the chocolate and butter become a homogeneous mass.

It is advisable to do this procedure using a water bath, then you will not get any chocolate if you forget to stir it intensively with heating.

You can resort to the help of a microwave, then the bowl should be heated, every time for 10-15 seconds, each time pull it out and stir the mass until it becomes homogeneous.

2. Here we have such a homogeneous mass. It's a little cold.

3. Separate yolks from proteins. We connect the yolks with half the sugar (60 g)

4. Whisk yolks and sugar to a thick, white foam. Melted chocolate is added to the beaten yolks. Gently stir with a spoon or spatula.

5. We pour in the flour, I sift the flour through a fine sieve. And gently knead the spatula until uniform.

6. The dough will turn dense.

7. I advise you to hold the proteins in the heat so that they become room temperature. We start whipping the proteins, for this, we need an absolutely clean bowl and a mixer, I for more confidence, even sprinkle them with lemon juice and rub it dry. In the protein pour a pinch of salt and start whipping at a minimum speed of the mixer, gradually increasing the speed, then, when the proteins become more stable, pour citric acid 1 tsp. and continue to whisk.

8. After, gradually 2 tbsp. Pour sugar and whisk the proteins until firm peaks.

9. Add the proteins to the dough, in pieces, first one piece and mix well to soften the dough a lot.

10. Then add the second part of the proteins. Also mix the spatula, gently stirring, as if wrapping the inside of the squirrel, wrapping them in a dough.

11. And this time, the dough with us, it turns out more liquid.

12. The form is lubricated with oil, if desired, you can make a "French shirt": that is, sprinkle the form with a little flour. Superfluous shake. Pour the dough into the mold.

13. Bake the biscuit in a preheated oven, up to 180C, for 40 minutes. Willingness of a biscuit, we check with a wooden skewer or toothpick, it is necessary to stick a skewer with the middle of a biscuit, the skewer should be dry with the remains of crumbs.

14. Cool the biscuit at room temperature, in the form, take it out and continue, we cool it on the grate. The cold biscuit is cut. I got a small "volcano" on top of a biscuit. I carefully cut it off with a sharp knife.

15. Next we begin to cut the biscuit into the cakes. I decided to make three cakes, if you can cut a biscuit, more finely and smoothly, then make more cakes. I picked up a suitable box, which was supported by a hand and a knife, from above with a hand to cut the biscuit, on even cakes.

16. So I got three cakes and a "crust", which I use in decorating a cake.

17. Now we make the cream: Oil is softened at room temperature. We beat it well with a mixer, at high speed, to a magnificent structure.

18. Now make caramel. At this stage, you can just take a boiled condensed milk)))))) The consistency of the cream and taste will be very similar))))) But if you still decide to stick to the recipe, then make caramel sauce: Sugar is poured into the pan or a saucepan, put heat on medium heat.

19. We begin to heat the sugar and let it completely melt, tilting the frying pan in different directions, without stirring, let it completely melt. Look, do not burn sugar, otherwise caramel will be bitter. The color of sugar should be light, amber. Next, immediately pour in the cream, stirring with a spatula or whisk, cook the sauce for 2 -3 minutes, let the sauce slightly thicken and remove from heat.

20. Let the sauce cool down. If you add hot syrup to the oil, it will melt.

21. Pour the cooled sauce to oil and beat well with a mixer. if at you it turned out so that the oil began to melt, then hold the cream a little in the fridge and then whisk again.

22. We get a homogeneous cream, with a caramel color and taste, with a silky texture.

23. Grillage (I have sweets in chocolate glaze) is ground in a blender to the state of small crumbs.

24. Pour the grilled crumb into the cream.

25. The cream is well mixed.

26. In a tall glass, I put a file bag and filled it with cream, cut the tip off the sachet so that it would be easier for me to dose the cream onto the cakes. But you can apply it and just a spoon, spatula or spatula.

27. Now impregnation: Combine the coffee with warm milk and sugar, stir well.

28. Put the cake on a plate and start to collect the cake. The cake is well impregnated with coffee syrup. Next, spread the cream, razravnivaem.

29. On the cream, put arbitrarily, thinly sliced ​​bananas.

30. Further we repeat, a cake, impregnation, a cream, bananas.

31. So we collect the cake.

32. We cover the collected cake with cream.

33. Cut the cutlets in a blender to the state of small crumbs.

34. Sprinkle the cake with crumbs, picking up the crumb in the hand and applying it to the cake.

35. Ready cake, you must soak, for several hours, in the fridge.

Cake, before serving, should be held for a while at room temperature, as the oil cream in the refrigerator hardens.

Dark chocolate cake.


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