Curd marshmallows.

Curd marshmallows.

Curd marshmallows.

Curd marshmallows. Variation of marshmallows from cottage cheese and gelatin based. A healthy curd dessert for those who like good nutrition.

The recipe for this type of marshmallow can most often be found in the collections of recipes for PP (proper nutrition). It is often called that - PP curd marshmallow.

There are cooking methods with gelatin or agar, desserts differ in structure and calorie content - a matter of personal preference. I myself, in general, prefer marshmallows and jelly on agar, but for the first time I chose a gelatin recipe.

Such a curd marshmallow did not impress my daughter, but she doesn’t really like the ordinary.

And my spouse really liked it! He said that in the evening, and after training - this is the very thing for him.

I thought to use curd marshmallows in the form of tortillas in a layer in some cake in the future.
For homemade curd marshmallows, prepare the ingredients on the recipe list.


Cottage cheese - 200 g
Gelatin - 10-15 g
Milk - 100 ml
Vanillin - at the tip of a knife
Powdered Sugar - About 30 g
or sweetener to taste.

Step by step recipe.

Heat the milk to a warm state, for example, in the microwave at a power of 600-750 watts for about one minute. Stir a portion of gelatin in it and wait for it to dissolve.

Grind the cottage cheese with powdered sugar and vanilla.
Pour in the milk with gelatin.
Stir and beat the mass with a blender for at least five minutes!

The resulting marshmallows from cottage cheese are either deposited from a pastry bag, giving the shape of a marshmallow, or put into molds or in one, for example, a rectangular shape. I got eight such as in the photo, incomplete silicone molds for cupcakes.

Let the curd marshmallow freeze in the refrigerator, and store it until serving is better in the same place!
Snow-white, light and pleasant to taste, with a delicate structure, while useful. I approve and share!

Important additions to the recipe

1. On the gelatin package, they usually write a method of preparation from liquid ingredients, indicating juice, milk, etc. in liters, and in the case of cottage cheese, it is recommended to take gelatin 1.5 times more.

2. The cottage cheese should be taken pasty, not grainy.

3. Instead of powdered sugar, fine sugar can also work, as well as natural sweet syrups and dietary sweeteners.

Curd marshmallows.


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