Curd Cookies Bows.

Curd Cookies Bows.

Curd Cookies Bows.

Curd Cookies Bows. Let's make cookies from the curd dough. It is very tasty - I want to eat one more and one more thing.


Wheat flour (premium) - 250 g
Salt (if unsalted butter) - 1 pinch
Butter (margarine) - 250 g
Cottage cheese (slightly moist, without seeds) - 250 g
Zest 1/3 lemon - optional
Sugar (for sprinkling) - 100 g

Curd Cookies Bows.

Cooking Cookies:

1. Place flour in a bowl. Add the zest of one third of the lemon. Now add a pinch of salt. Grate cold butter or margarine.

Use a grater edge with large grooved holes. Dip the oil into the flour periodically to prevent it from sticking.

2. Stir the contents of the bowl until they are coarse. It’s rude. This is to make the cookies flake.

3. Now enter the cottage cheese and knead the dough. The freshness of the cottage cheese is of great importance: good cookies will not work out of the stale.

Use cottage cheese moderately moist and without kernels. Cottage cheese with grains should be wiped through a sieve.

The finished dough should not be completely homogeneous, otherwise the layering effect will not work. Once you manage to collect the dough into a ball, stop the batch.

4. For convenience of further work, divide the dough into two approximately identical parts and work with them one by one.

5. Sprinkle the dough and the working surface with flour. Roll out a layer about 2 millimeters thick. Cut out the circles. I used the cutting down with a diameter of 7 centimeters, and I got 44 pieces of cookies.

6. Dip each circle into sugar on the side that lay on the work surface (it is wetter, so sugar will stick well), and fold in half.

Make a cut from the center of the base of the semicircle to the center of the arc, not reaching the edge of the arc about one centimeter. Scroll one part of the semicircle twice around you.

7. Place the items on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. Immediately before planting in the oven (not earlier), slightly moisten their surface with water and sprinkle with sugar.

If the cookies are allowed to stand, then the sugar will melt, and a beautiful hat at the top of the products will not work.

To prevent cookies from drying out, moisten with water not just everything at once, but several at a time.

8. Send the items to the oven preheated to 230 degrees to the middle level. Bake for about 18 minutes.

Curd Cookies Bows.

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