Curd cheese from kefir.

Curd cheese from kefir.

Curd cheese from kefir.

Today I will tell you how you can replace curd cream cheese at home. Such a substitute is prepared very simply and it takes only a few minutes of your direct participation.

From such a substitute for cottage cheese, wonderful desserts, cheesecakes are obtained. It can be used wherever shop cheese cream cheese is used.
If you add fat cream, powdered sugar and beat with a mixer to this curd cheese, you get a cream cheese for cakes and cupcakes.

If you add salt, paprika and chopped greens, you get a great creamy mass for morning sandwiches or toasts. The main thing is not to be afraid to improvise.


Kefir (the fatter the better)

Curd cheese from kefir.

Cheese making:

Kefir needs to be frozen in any container that fits the size of your sieve, where you will strain.

When the kefir is completely frozen, take a deep container, set a sieve or colander on it and cover it with gauze folded in at least 4 layers. We spread frozen kefir on it.

If it is difficult for you to get it, hold the container upside down under hot water and it will be in your hands. If you buy kefir in small half-liter packages, it is convenient to freeze directly in them.

While kefir is thawing, you do not need to put it in the refrigerator. Let it defrost at room temperature. And when it is already a little softened, you need to install the load. I have a liter saucepan with water. Put in the refrigerator to drain all whey. The whole process can take up to two days.

When all the whey drains, we take our design out of the refrigerator. Delicious baked goods can be prepared from the separated whey.

The more acidic the kefir, the more acidic the finished product. It is better to use fresh kefir, the fatter the better. The higher the fat content of kefir, the tastier the cheese and the greater the yield of the product. 1% kefir will not work for this recipe.

You can cook from sour milk, but the taste of the finished product will turn sour. You can use fermented baked milk, but from the fermented baked milk there will be cheese with the taste of baked milk, which is also interesting.

If you use this cheese not for desserts, but for toasts and sandwiches, then it is better to immediately salt kefir to taste before freezing. Then freeze (it turns out tastier than salt the finished product).

At the output, I got 230 grams of the finished product from 1 liter of kefir (3.2% fat).

Curd cheese from kefir.


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