Culinary recipe Toffee cake.

Culinary recipe Toffee cake.

Culinary recipe Toffee cake.

Culinary recipe Toffee cake. Do you like Toffee candies? So let's bake cakes! Simple cake recipe.
I really love Toffee candy. In Germany, there are many recipes for such puff pastries, and this one is one of them. I want you to meet him, it's incredibly delicious!

Ingredients for 16 servings.
Cooking time: 1 h


Flour - 360 g
Sugar - 200 g
Baking Powder - 16 g
Eggs - 4.8 pcs.
Cream fatty - 160 g
Vegetable oil - 160 g


Sugar - 80 g
Cream - 400 ml
Cream cheese - 240 g
Vanilla sugar 8 g

Upper layer:

Condensed milk - 304 g
Cookie Cracker - 40 g
Candy - 6.4 pcs.

Culinary recipe Toffee cake.

Step-by-step cooking:

Beat eggs with sugar to white. We pour in butter and cream. Stirring. Pour in the flour and baking powder. All mixed.

Pour the mass into a 30-by-40-cm shape. covered with paper. We bake at 200 g 25 min.

We get out the cooked pie and let it cool. Turn it on the towel.
Then we put a cooled pie on a sheet or a tray and fix it with a hoop. With it is better to pour cream.

We now whip cream with sugar. If you have vegetable cream, then they beat well. But if it's just 30-33%, then it's better to add 2 packages of fixer.

Add the cheese in portions and beat well. Spread the cream on the pie.
Top spread cookies cracker is not salty.
Now take the boiled condensed milk, heat it in a microwave and put cookies on top.

Equal it. And now we take Toffee candies, cut them in half and spread them on condensed milk. You can make smaller squares. Everything to your taste. We remove the cake in the fridge for the night. And in the morning we cut into cakes. Bon Appetit.

Culinary recipe Toffee cake.

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