Creamy cream.

Creamy cream.

Creamy cream.

Dessert recipes without sugar.


250 g of softened butter,
1 can of condensed milk (400 g),
¼ bag of vanillin powder or 1 teaspoon of liquor.

Preparation. Softened butter whip whipped in a lush mass. You can use a mixer for this purpose, but it's best to do it with a wooden spoon or spatula. Then, whisking in the same direction, pour in the condensed milk. At the end of whipping, add vanillin or liqueur.

Creamy cream.

Council. The cream can be made chocolate if you add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder or 50 g of melted dark / bitter chocolate. And of course, to make the cream tasty, use only natural butter (not spread) and quality condensed milk (without vegetable fats).

Condensed milk is a self-sufficient product, so it can be used as a filling for baking and desserts and without any "satellites". But for this, the condensed milk must become boiled. And cook it better yourself: homemade boiled condensed milk does not go to any comparison with the store.

You can boil condensed milk in several ways. Usually a closed jar is put in a saucepan of water, leaving it to boil quietly for 2.5-3 hours. The longer the condensed milk is brewed, the thicker and darker it becomes.

In the pressure cooker the process is much faster - the condensed milk will be ready in 45-60 minutes. Some people prefer to open the jar first, then occasionally stir the condensed milk, watching its transformation.

Particularly scrupulous consider that it's as harmful to cook condensed milk in a tin can as it is to warm up a dinner in a microwave, and therefore they pour the condensed milk into a glass jar, which they put in a saucepan, putting a small cloth under it so that the jar does not jingle with the bottom of the saucepan during the boiling of water.

In any case, all the methods combine one thing: during cooking, water in a saucepan must be poured.
With filling from boiled condensed milk, you get delicious eclairs, waffles, croissants and rolls.

Creamy cream.


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