Cream of curd cheese.

Cream of curd cheese.

Cream of curd cheese.

Cream of curd cheese and mascarpone.

Today we show a very easy to prepare cream with curd cheese and mascarpone. It cooks fast and is great for cakes and pastries.

This cream turns out to be more tender and creamy in taste than cream cheese in butter, and not as salty as cream cheese cream. If you were looking for an alternative to these creams, then this is ideal.

Such a cream is suitable, for example, for the cake "Digit" or "Whoopie Pie", as well as for other cakes, pastries, for hats on cupcakes. Also, pancakes can be stuffed with such cream.

After the refrigerator, this cream becomes even denser.
It is prepared very simply and quickly, the main thing is to know some of the nuances. First, all ingredients must be at the same temperature, straight from the refrigerator.


Mascarpone Cheese - 150 g
Curd cheese - 250 g
Cream 33-35% - 100 g
Powdered Sugar - 100 g

Cream of curd cheese and mascarpone.

Cream preparation:

1. Transfer the curd cheese, the mascarpone cheese into the mixer bowl, pour the cold fat cream (they should be designed for whipping, their fat content should be 33-35%, keep them in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours before use) and sift the icing sugar kneading all the lumps. Beat the scoop with a nozzle (oar).

We start to beat at low speeds, just mix so that the powder disperses and the ingredients combine a little. Then we turn on the speed a little more and mix for 30 seconds, at the very end you can work out the cream at high speed so that all the lumps are exactly dispersed. The main thing is to stop during the time and not to interrupt the cream, so we whip gently and do not leave anywhere. It turns out a homogeneous, dense cream. It may take you a little more or less time.

Focus on the state of the cream, it should keep its shape very well. The finished cream must be thoroughly mixed with a silicone spatula to get rid of air bubbles. Next, transfer the cream to a pastry bag and it is ready for use.

2. Well, the second way is when you first whip the cream with icing sugar to dense peaks. Next, curd cheese is mixed with mascarpone cheese. And then the whipped cream is simply mixed into the cheeses. Choose any method that you like best.

Cream of curd cheese.

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