COOL BEEF. Cold beef is a very useful thing in the kitchen: it goes to salads  and sandwiches, and with some sauces it is very good as an independent meat dish.

You can cook it both with the help of cooking, and with the help of baking. Today I want to apply the second method, and without roasting, baking will be carried out from beginning to end in the oven.

In order to get juicy, not over-dried, but not bloody cold beef, not gray, but pink, it is best to take a large piece (at least 1 kg). Cooking is similar to cooking roast beef, but the requirements for meat quality are lower.

Those. cuts with fat and internal veins, connective tissues are allowed. However, preference is still given to soft meat from the part of the carcass that is located above the spine. I use a piece from the neck area weighing 1800 grams. As you can see, it has everything - veins and fat.

Cost - almost 2 times lower than that of roast beef cuts. Unlike meat for steaks and roast beef, for this recipe it is not necessary to use meat that has undergone long-term aging.

In addition to meat (a piece of at least 1 kg!), We need a small amount of butter, coarse salt at the rate of 1 teaspoon per 200 g. beef and black pepper to taste.

Other types of dry peppers and dry seasonings could be used. With this cooking method, garlic must either be shredded or not used at all - the baking goes at very high temperatures, it will burn out in the oven and give unpleasant bitterness.

By the beginning of the preparation of cold beef, the meat should have room temperature.


Beef - 1.8 kg
Butter - 20 g
Coarse salt - 9 tsp.
Ground pepper - 1 tsp


Step by step recipe

The oven is set to maximum heat before starting the next procedure.

Knead a piece of butter in your hands and carefully coated with it the whole piece of beef.

Salt, rubbing salt into the surface, pepper from all sides.
If the meat has a side covered with fat, then during baking it should be on top of the piece, and not below.

When the oven has reached the maximum available temperature, we begin to bake meat in it at an average level (it is better in a tray so that the juice collects compactly, and does not spread over the baking sheet and does not burn).

At maximum we carry meat at the rate of 5 minutes for every 500 grams (even incomplete), but not less than 10 minutes. Then we reduce the temperature by 100 degrees and hold for 30 minutes for every 500 grams (even incomplete).

Those. for my piece - 20 minutes at maximum and 2 hours at 100 degrees. After that, without opening the oven, let the meat cool slowly to the end - together with the oven, so to speak.

Wrap the cooled meat in polyethylene and place it in the refrigerator until the piece (to the touch) hardens to the density that it will be convenient to thinly cut it. Better let the beef spend in the fridge all night.

Well, now we look at what we got on the cut. The meat is pink, but not red, serizna - only along the edge. Those who are afraid of "bloody meat" - do not be afraid. Inside the cuts located above the spine, there should be no worm eggs, this area is difficult for them to access.

And if the eggs were placed on the knife, then we treated the surface with high temperatures, and for a fairly long time.

Cold beef is easily cut into thin and very thin pieces (at least significantly lighter than hot).

Two large straight pieces on the right - approximately the kind of cut that goes for "cold beef with green peas" - if you mentioned this dish in English books. Very thin layers - cold beef for sandwiches.
Bon Appetit!



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