Cookies from peanut butter.

Cookies from peanut butter.

Cookies from peanut butter. (ingredient 3)

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 Cookies from peanut butter. This is the most delicious peanut cookies I’ve ever tasted! The soft, slightly crumbly, with a rich peanut flavor and aroma, complemented with chocolate, each time causing increased salivation only one thought about themselves. Preparing it all of the three main ingredients for one, two, which is also very pleasing.

Cookies from peanut butter.

Preparation: 20 m
Preparation: 15 m
Servings: 20 pieces


Peanut butter: 250 gr.
Sugar: 200 gr.
Salt: a pinch
Eggs: 1 pc.
Chocolate (I milk): 50 gr.

Cookies from peanut butter.


So do the dough: Mix peanut butter with egg and sugar. The recipe for peanut butter can be found here.

Good dough mix until uniform. If the dough you got watery, you can add a little flour to make it slightly stuck to his hands. Cover with foil and put the dough in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to further assist us in forming the cookies.

When the dough has cooled, pinch off pieces of dough and rolls them into balls. We spread the laid baking cookies on baking paper, I do not grease the paper. Whisk lightly crush balls, making a small pattern on cookies — bars. I advise you not to make cookies very very flat.

Bake cookies until cooked in a pre-heated oven at 180C for about 10 -15 minutes, I advise you not overbake cookies. It is a little bit darken the edges and cracked.

The finished cookies cool down well and remove from pan. Without cooling, remove the cookies from the baking is not very easy.

Prepare the icing: Chocolate can take any, I have milk. Chocolate break into a bowl and put it in the microwave.

Heat until the chocolate has become liquid, very Heed the fact that chocolate should be stirring every 10 seconds, so that it did not burn. You can also melt the chocolate in a water bath.

Biscuits dipped in glaze one side.
Keeping cookies on a plate of glass to a little extra icing.

We spread the cookies on the baking paper, I used the same upon which it is prepared.

Good cool refrigerated biscuits until complete solidification of chocolate.

Now pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Cookies from peanut butter.


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