Coffee ring in chocolate.

Coffee ring in chocolate.

Coffee ring in chocolate.

Air muffins in the form of rings, flavored coffee and chocolate icing topped with a silky - some unusual dessert. Coffee ring in chocolate. Fill midway ringlets whipped cream, thick natural yogurt or vanilla Sundae and garnish with fresh berries bright. Coffee ring in chocolate.

We will need these ingredients:

For the coffee test:
• 125 g butter
• 125 g of fine-grained golden sugar
• 2 eggs
• 125 g flour + 1 h. L. baking powder
• 2 h. L. instant coffee dissolved in 1 tbsp. l. warm water (cool)

For the chocolate glaze: Coffee ring in chocolate. 
• 125 g of dark chocolate (chopped)
• 1 tbsp. l. milk
• 75 g butter (chopped)

For decoration: Coffee ring in chocolate. 
• 200 ml double cream or whipping cream
• 50 g melted milk chocolate (optional, see. "Final touch")
• fresh strawberry,  chocolate figures (see. The cake-meringue with cream)

• 6 ramekins for savarenov
• grill pan, set over a large form
• cooking brush
• pastry bag with a large star nozzle,

Cooking method: Coffee ring in chocolate.

How to cook and bake coffee rings.
1) Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Put six molds on a baking sheet. In a large bowl, beat butter with sugar in a lush light cream.

2) One by one, enter the eggs, vsyp with each spoonful of flour to the mass does not stratified

3) Enter the remaining flour with the dissolved coffee in the oil mass.

4) Two teaspoons of the dough spread out on formochkam - it will be enough to put into each 5 teaspoons.

Baking and decorating rings

5) Smooth the surface of each ring a small knife, a shovel and put bake for 12-15 minutes: the product will rise to the top edge of the molds and are springy to the touch.

6) Leave the rings in the form of 30 minutes, turn on the grill to cool. To fold the chocolate chocolate in a refractory bowl, add the milk and diced butter. Put on a hot water bath and heat until chocolate and butter will not melt. Stir until smooth.

7) Move the grill with ostyvshimi coffee rings on a baking sheet or large form to collect drained glaze. Spread chocolate glaze with a brush on the product over the entire surface. Set aside an hour.

8) Put glazed cupcakes on a plate. Whip the cream and place a spoon or pastry bag into the center rings. Cut large slices or strawberry slices. Spread with cream and decorate with chocolate figurines. Coffee ring in chocolate.

About the dish:

On 6 pieces:
Preparation time: 40 minutes
Cooking time: 12-15 minutes
cooling time: 1 hour
Pour time: 1 hour
Oven temperature: 180 "C

In a good shape
Because of your silicone molds ribbed edge, it would be a sin to spoil the goods, covering them with a thick layer of thick glaze. That is why we propose to prepare chocolate glaze, which can be spread on a thin layer of rings. This approach allows us not only to maintain the original shape of the products but also save significant amount of glaze flowing during solidification with baking than when the glaze is poured product.

change clothes
The dough can be flavored with chocolate and icing - coffee. To do this, replace the test instant coffee 1 tbsp. l. cocoa powder dissolved in 1 tbsp. l. warm water, cool, and enter together with the flour. For coffee glaze, heat over low heat 50 g of butter with 3 tablespoons. l. milk and 2 tbsp. l. instant coffee, stirring periodically until smooth. Remove from the heat and are often asked to 225 g of powdered sugar, rubbing thoroughly after each addition, the mixture became homogeneous. Allow to cool and spread with a brush on a baked ring.

Final touch
If you want to add another layer of glaze, as we did (see. Photo on p. 5), cover ring glaze of dark chocolate and let harden. Fill a pastry shop handle 50 grams of melted milk chocolate and squeeze the thin strips on top of a dark glaze.

Let harden and then fill with a ring.

Coffee ring in chocolate.

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